The Dallas Stars’ arena opens for fans

Texas was the first state to re-open to max capacity, allowing arenas like the American Airlines Center, home of The Dallas Stars,  to provide a safe fan experience. 

Game day procedures

Fans received an email, following their ticket purchase that laid out the requirements for entering the American Airlines Center. The check-in email required fans to take precautions before arriving at the event. An entry survey was the first step in the check-in process: All guests needed to complete the COVID screening before arriving at the arena. “Definitely just glad that we are able to get back in the arena and watch the team live,” said Chris Reichert, a Dallas Stars fan. “The experience here has been fantastic, and I’m really glad that they allowed us back.”

Bags, cash and unmasked fans were not allowed to enter the building.

Williamston High receives grants for student mental & physical health programs

The Step Up for School Wellness program through Building Healthy Communities awarded Adelle Banister, a Williamston High School physical education teacher, a $3,000 grant. 

The health department received $1,000 and the physical education department was awarded $2,000 from the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association. 

The grants will serve

The physical education department used the money to cover curriculum, training and class materials on social-emotional health and wellness. “Especially with the pandemic going on, I will take all the information I can get regarding the SEL, social-emotional learning curriculum,” said Banister,  “We got the step-up boxes and the exercise bands, and some things that we just didn’t have access to right now.” 

The physical education department used funds to purchase  the school new equipment and materials for conditioning and training. 

Olivia Santelli Curriculum from the training will be applied here in Adelle Banister’s health education classroom. Student mental health

Williamston prioritizes student well-being alongside providing recognized education. “Williamston High School is devoted to the development of 21st-century learners and global citizens while focusing on the physical, social and emotional growth and support of all students,” said Principal Steven Delp in his welcome. 

The staff and administration know how important student mental health is to succeed. “It’s a very heavy topic.

Winter storm in Ingham County keeps people from paczkis

Town classic Groovy Donuts, 313 W. Grand River Ave. in Williamston, opened its doors on Fat Tuesday to those undeterred by the snowy roads. That day it only served paczkis, vegan paczkis, and gluten-free cake donuts compared to its extensive weekend donut menu.

A winter storm though hit Ingham County overnight and left residents stuck at home.