Ann Arbor to require menstrual products in bathrooms; no plan to do so in East Lansing

Ann Arbor made national history on Nov. 18 becoming the first city in the United States to require menstrual products in public restrooms. An ordinance approved unanimously by the Ann Arbor City Council, mandates that menstrual pads and tampons, along with the already required soap and toilet paper, must be provided for free in all public restrooms.

DeWitt community convincingly passes $66 million school bond

The  $66 million bond approved for DeWitt Public Schools Nov. 2 means work can begin next year. 

The six-year bond is a renewal of the previous bond, meaning there will be no tax rate increase in the 2021 levy. It will cover district needs such as addressing aged buildings, updating educational technology, and improving athletics, arts, and extracurriculars. The vote passed overwhelmingly with 70.9% of the 3,354 voters in favor of the bond. 

“What an amazing day to be a DeWitt Panther! Thank you to the community for supporting the bond proposal.

Interior of Bath Townshp library

Bath library millage renewed, employees ‘excited and relieved’

Sam SklarThe Bath Township Public Library millage was up for renewal Tuesday and passed 1,181-390. Election Day usually brings about lots of changes to communities across the country. It can be anywhere from a mayor up for reelection to a school bond requesting approval. But for Bath Charter Township, population around 13,000, there was only one question on Tuesday’s ballot. 

With 75.2% of the 1,571 voters in favor, the Bath Township Public Library millage was renewed for 10 years. An extension of the previous millage, Bath citizens will continue to pay the .6792 mill rate, which was set to expire this year. 

For members of the community and library employees, passage brought a sigh of relief.

DeWitt schools panther print

DeWitt citizens call for clarity as $66 million bond vote nears

While community members are excited to see the district take steps to improve schools with its Nov. 2 bond issue, it does not come without concern. Some DeWitt citizens want to know exactly how much and where the money will be spent. “I think it’s critical to the community to know that we’re going to commit and support $66 million to the school district and that we know it’s going to be spent in appropriate political way to specific items,” Scot Ellsworth said at the Oct. 11 school board meeting.

DeWitt community members express displeasure in DeWitt Public Schools mask mandate

For more than a year, the debate over face coverings in public spaces has been a hot topic. And with vaccinations for younger children only recently approved, the debate is in schools. DeWitt Superintendent Dr. Shanna Spickard began work in July andwas immediately tasked with making one of the hardest decisions superintendents across the country are facing: should staff members and children be required to wear face masks in school? Ultimately, the district decided to go with a tiered approach based on transmission levels in Clinton County. At a high transmission risk, masks are required inside for all students and staff.

Park Lake Creamery owner using high-tech background to navigate economy

Sam SklarPark Lake Creamery has been limited to online orders due to short staffing, but planned to reopen Oct. 30. Tucked away on the side of a winding road on the shores of Park Lake in Bath lies a local sweet shop known as the Park Lake Creamery. 

On a sunny 70º October afternoon, the store is typically busy with people from all around the greater Lansing area picking up chocolates for loved ones or enjoying a refreshing ice cream cone after a long day. But the Park Lake Creamery, like many other small businesses, is not immune to the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The store has been forced to offer online orders exclusively due to staffing shortages, but plans to reopen soon with help on the way.