A portrait of a First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason card next to a cup of coffee, part of the church’s pay-it-forward campaign to fight stigma against marijuana users.

Fight for Cannabis Church “almost like a battlefield”

Listen to this story as an audio feature. Rev. Jeremy Hall led services every month until things went up in smoke in September. New legislation brought confusion and concern to his parishioners, and continuing services could put everyone in legal trouble. Hall is the leader of the First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason in Lansing, Mich. The church that views the drug spiritually but is viewed with uncertainty by city officials — that’s where Hall’s worries began.

Mason’s downtown becomes movie set

Mason is only days away from going back almost 50 years to 1967. On Oct. 4, a production crew will take over downtown Mason to start filming scenes for a yet-untitled movie about the 1967 civil disturbance in Detroit. City Clerk Deborah Cwiertniewicz said the movie is being directed by Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow, and will feature John Krasinski and John Boyega as leading actors. She said she did not know which cast members would be visiting Mason.