Freshman 15: Gaining or losing

We have all heard of the scary but real freshman 15, that unwanted extra weight college students gain during their first year and sometimes keep after. “I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, I’ve always pretty much maintained the same weight, but everything changed once I got here,” said MSU nursing junior Cyrelle Wheeler. Over the last year, Wheeler has decided to become more active after a visit with her primary care physician. “I went to the doctor last year, and he basically told me you’re fat and that puts strain on your knees,” said Wheeler. “I already knew I had bad knees due to me tearing my ACL, but that’s when I knew it was really time to change something.”

According to her doctor, added weight would put pressure on Wheeler’s knees and make them worse than they already were.

What to wear to graduation?

Graduation season is upon us, and what to wear is probably the biggest thing roaming graduates’ minds. They’ve worked so hard to obtain their diploma, and on graduation day all eyes are them. “Honestly the hardest thing for me has been finding what to wear,” said James Madison senior Tyra Paige. “I’ve been looking online, and everywhere I could think of and I’m just not having any luck.”

Paige admitted that she can be picky at times and her strict budget may contribute to her finding trouble with what to wear. Reynard Hines is a stylist in the metro Detroit area.

Students explain strategies for affording expensive merchandise on a college budget

Every semester, student loans and tuition bills add up, and students seek help with the cost for school. Part-time jobs and work study can help with a few necessities and maybe even bills outside of school, but how do students manage to afford pricey name brand and designer items while on a college budget? An informal survey conducted by the Spartan Newsroom showed that some students use money from saving, refunds from school, and the support of their parents to buy their expensive merchandise. “I feel like, ‘Why not treat yourself?’” said education senior Kiana Jordan. “I don’t think there’s an issue with spending your refund from school on things you typically can’t afford if you take care of your business first and have money left over.”

Jordan said she thinks there’s a problem when students try to buy things they can’t afford, and their bills remain unpaid.

Makeup brands encouraged to bring diversity to foundation

Looking for the right color foundation can be pretty tricky. It can be especially hard when makeup companies don’t provide a color match that’s for your complexion. Tarte Cosmetics recently got called out for their lack of diversity in shades of foundation. The company released a new line of Shape Tape Foundations in both matte and hydrating formulas. Like many other makeup brands, Tarte failed to provide enough variety in the shades in its new release to complement all skin tones.

Drugstore vs high-end makeup: Can you get beat on a budget?

Every day, beauty influencers are trying new looks and creating new ways to use different types of makeup. With new products comes new responsibility. The beauty market is rapidly expanding, leaving consumers with tons of beauty brands to choose from. Makeup is sold everywhere these days. You can find makeup necessities in department stores, grocery stores and everywhere in between.

MSU students looking forward to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and MSU students are ready for family time and their favorite home-cooked meals. Journalism major Madison Loney said she is looking forward the most to being with her family and the Thanksgiving dinner. “In my family my mom is the best cook she makes stuffing,” Loney said. Media and information student Keiahna Dunbar-Reppuhn plans on staying home and working for the holiday. “I’m just gonna go to the movies and make some turkey,” Dunbar-Reppuhn said.

Lansing residents talk about their city

“There’s almost always something to do here and free. Lansing is blooming right now, during the summer the Lansing city parks were very popular for their concerts and events.”

Nancy Heldt, Elementary School Cafeteria Employee.  


“Lansing is a city on the cusp of serious change… changing demographics, changing economic drivers, changing political characteristics.”

Dr. Bryan Beverly, Research Assistant and Coordinator of the Fellowship of Instructional Leaders with MSU’s College of Education, Office of K-12 Outreach and Lansing School Board member.  

“We have a lot of diversity here in Lansing. It’s not like on the outskirts where it’s not diverse.