Henry’s Place in Okemos hosts annual Meridian Cares Benefit

OKEMOS, MICH— The camaraderie and drink-filled fun of a pub will be shared by many Meridian Township residents on Nov. 15. The annual Meridian Cares Benefit has a new home this year at the popular Okemos pub Henry’s Place. 

The night is expected to have karaoke, games and a lot of good food available for those in attendance- all for good cause. Meridian Cares is a program that offers help to residents in difficult situations whether the issue is with finances, accessibility or any other way the community is able to assist. Darla Jackson, a human resources specialist for Meridian Township, is the director of the Meridian Cares program.

Special education reform, student members discussed at Okemos School Board meeting

The Okemos School Board sitting to discuss the issues around the district. Photo by Julian Stainback. Okemos Public School Board of Education held a meeting on Oct. 28 to discuss issues around school construction, safety, special education and hopes of adding a new student member to the district’s board. First on the agenda was a presentation on changes to special education.

Meridian Twp massage therapist caters to patients with chronic pain

Kate Prouty in her office. Photo by Zaria Phillips

OKEMOS, MICH–Kate Prouty pushes past the sheer curtains to fix up the pillows at the seat of her window pane. Her small dimly lit office space is enveloped in the low hum of the white noise machine just outside the door. This is how she sets the mood for the most relaxing massages. “Before we begin, I tap my singing bowl,” she said.

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On this week’s edition of Spartan News Updates, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Basketball player Lebron James joins China debate and President Trump’s cabinet reacts to impeachment inquiries. Check out all this and more on this episode of Spartan News Update.

Neighborhood organization fights songbird population decline

Suburban expansion and farming has destroyed much of the grasslands that pheasants call home. Photo by Zaria Phillips. INGHAM COUNTY, MI –The tall waning grasslands of the greater Ingham County area houses a myriad of creatures–part of the Meridian Township charm, according to its mosaic of residents. But with the fast-changing landscape of suburban Lansing, some of the untouched habitats get destroyed, leaving their inhabitants left behind. Victoria Herceg sees the beauty of Meridian Township in the wildlife and notices the efforts to preserve it. 

“There’s a lot of wildlife here, lots of deer,” Herceg said. 

“We saw a group of people in our backyard by our house.

More local businesses adopt sensory kits to aid families

Front sign Okemos’ Outback Steakhouse, which has new kits for people with sensory disabilities. Photo by Zaria Phillips

OKEMOS,MICH—Restaurants bustle with the sounds of joyful eating, dishes clanking and the rumbles of chatting and laughter. 

This can all be very overwhelming for people with sensory processing issues, making it seemingly impossible to go out to eat for many families. 

Okemos’ Outback Steakhouse is the latest business to offer a solution. “We’ve had occupational therapists come in examined the sensory kit and tell us that we have everything you need,” said Derick Zanger, manager at Okemos Outback Steakhouse. He said the kits are mostly aimed for people with sensory processing disorders; autism is one that many families struggle with. 

“It looks like it mainly aimed at kids but most of the time they’re the ones who have the hardest time dealing with their sensory disorder,” Zanger said. Zanger said his fiance is a paraprofessional, his best friend is a special needs teacher and he himself works with kids in Special Olympics.

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On this edition of Spartan News Update, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a mosquito borne virus, killed three people across southern Michigan. Also, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Michael Mccaul offered pro-democracy support for Hong Kong following intense protests. Pelosi plans to reintroduce a 2016 bill for a vote as soon as possible. Tune in to this week’s show for more.