Are guns a problem in Ingham County? It depends who you ask

On February 14, 2018, there was a school shooting in Florida that has rocked the country. It was the eighteenth school shooting in the United States in 2018. Guns are top conversation. They also cover a lot of things. April Zeoli is an Assistant Professor from the School of Criminal Justice of Michigan State University.

Potential trade war has yet to impact Ingham County

On March 22, President Donald Trump ordered up an array of tariffs against numerous countries, blocked Chinese takeovers of U.S. companies and sought new restrictions on future Chinese investment. It was seen as the beginning of a trade war against China. Nuola Lee is a resident of Lansing. She said, “I didn’t pay much attention to national policies. I just know a lot about (the) trade war in TV and news reports.”

For now, the policies seem to have no effect on the lives of residents. Lee said, “I have read some reports about family life, prices may increase in the future.

Secondhand goods find quite a market in Ingham County

Second-hand shopping attracts consumers at all levels of the economy. These savings can be used for holidays, recreation, the financing of a university education and retirement accounts and the expansion of family activities to improve the quality of life. As the children grow up, the things that children used to use become useless. This will be a very perfect moment to take advantage of these wastes. At the same time, these old products are convenient and affordable for new mothers.

Ingham County Democratic Party officials meet to set plans for 2018, beyond

LANSING — On March 17, the Ingham County Democratic Party held its spring convention. The purpose of the convention is to elect members and alternates to each of the three convention committees: Rules, Resolutions, and Credentials. The secondary purpose of these conventions is to consider resolutions to be forwarded to the state party for consideration. The members had a lot of things to do. Samantha Rose and Kelly Collison, both Democratic Party members, said they have a good expectation for the Democratic Party.

Flooding affects West Grand River Avenue, other parts of Ingham County

OKEMOS – on February 22, many roads in Ingham County were blocked by flooding. Because of snow and the heavy rain, there was a lot of water on the Grand River Avenue, and parts of that road and other roads were blocked off. The police erected a stop sign before the water, but many people still drove through the flood road. Some vehicles were trapped in the flood, and drivers was unable to continue the vehicle. Harvey Leroy is an police officer of Meridian Township.

Ingham County animal shelters work to find homes for pets in dead of winter

More and more urban residents face the problem of how to handle their pets. For people who don’t have enough money or friends, they may abandon the pets. The winter in Michigan is extremely cold, and people can’t live long hours outside. Animals can’t hold on for a long time, either. Sydney Moroney is the manager of the Capital Area Humane Society.

Chinese nationals strive to feel at home in Ingham County

OKEMOS — More and more foreigners go to various countries to settle and travel now. There are a lot of people from other regions or countries in Ingham County, including international students, visiting scholars and tourists from China. Over time, the number of local Chinese has increased. According to the Census Reporter, Ingham County had 288,051 people. Among them, Asians made up 6.6 percent. And the 2012-2016 American Community Survey showed that between 2012 and 2016, the Chinese registered an estimated 5,500 people living in Ingham County.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day hopes to raise knowledge in Ingham County

LANSING — February 7 was the National Black AIDS/HIV Awareness Day in the United States. Every year individuals and organizations across the nation participate in National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to promote HIV education, testing, community involvement, and treatment in black communities. Many people with STIs have no symptoms. Without treatment these infections can lead to major health problems such as not being able to get pregnant (infertility), permanent brain damage, heart disease, cancer and even death. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is a virus that causes defects in the human immune system. The Ingham County Health Department held free HIV testing for someone who needed help on February 7.