MSU athletes explore multicultural issues in student group

At the MSU vs. Wisconsin football game on Sept. 24, Spartan players Delton Williams, Kenney Lyke and Gabe Sherrod raised their fists during Star-Spangled Banner to protest racism. During the next game six other players joined in protest. Why did Gabe Sherrod feel it was important to speak up?

Should college athletes get paid?

The University of Georgia, North Carolina, Southern California, Alabama and Auburn: All Division I programs sanctioned by the NCAA because athletes accepted payments and gifts under the table. According to the NCAA rules, student-athletes cannot be paid for their athletic skills. They also cannot advertise, promote or endorse any product. However, their image and name can be used by the institution they attend for a wide variety of purposes. For example, a game program including a team’s roster and stats at a football game is sells for about $10.

"The country feels divided and it's pretty ambiguous when it comes to the future," said Mohanad Nasab, a chemical engineering junior.

What’s the future of America?

The 2016 presidential election showed deep divisions in the United States, with Republican Donald Trump elected despite losing the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton. So we asked students at Michigan State University where they think the country is headed.

Mason superintendent presents bond proposal to City Council

The Mason Times
By Nadia Lorencz

Mason Public Schools superintendent Ronald Drzewicki proposed a $79,000,000 bond and a site sinking fund renewal at the March 21 City Council meeting. The site sinking fund is a current fund with a term of 10 years. It allows districts to provide funding on a pay as you go basis. Currently the fund provides about $665,000 annually and has provided for roof repairs, parking lot repaving, well repairs, door and window replacements and other facility updates. “We want to invest in our students,” said Drzewicki.

Mason Museum to write a book on local war veterans

By Nadia Lorencz
The Mason Times

MASON, Mich.- Members of the Mason Area Historical Museum plan to create a book dedicated to war veterans in the Ingham County area. On Feb 20, the museum held an event where war veterans were asked to share their experiences and photos of World War 2. With this information, the museum plans on creating a book composed of several war veterans’ stories. The idea came about when museum member Carolyn Cooper, was looking through old videos in the museum’s library. She and other members were trying to brainstorm ideas for a fundraiser.

Ingham conservation district meeting

By Nadia Lorencz
The Mason Times

MASON, Mich.-The Ingham conservation district is urging farmers and community members to integrate permaculture into their landscapes and farms.These plants have multiple functions one of which aids in controlling flooding. Michelle Beloskur was the coordinator and one of the main speakers of the event. She reported the many accomplishments of the Ingham conservation district and a few things they hope to improve in 2016. Among the ICD’s main purposes are to connect with local people about local issues. They aim to raise awareness of natural resources and work with landowners to environmentally verify farms and other private lands.

5 questions with Aaron Wresinski

Aaron Wresinski

Sports Stop


How long have you worked in Mason and what brought you here? I’ve worked here going on 1 ½ years and this job is the one that brought me here. What drew you to working here? The job opened up.  Overall how would you describe Mason as a community?

5 questions with Cheryl Lyons

Cheryl Lyons

Mason Public Library

How long have you worked in Mason and what brought you here? I’ve worked here for about 3 ½ years. The head librarian before me left and so the job opened up so I asked to transfer over to Mason. What drew you to working here? The job for head librarian was open and I was interested in the position.

5 profile questions with Sarah Emerson

Sarah Emerson


How long have
you worked in Mason and what brought you here? I’ve worked here for four years and I grew up in Mason. What drew you to working here? Keans is a store that I always came
to as a kid and its always so much fun to come in and shop so I always wanted to work here. Overall how would you describe Mason as a community?

Michigan State University students express their expectations for primary elections

By Nadia Lorencz
The Mason Times

EAST LANSING, Mich. -Is Donald Trump the future for America? After interviewing students on Michigan State University’s campus, it seems that most are fans of the Democratic party. Chatter amongst college students shows that some do not want to see front runner Donald Trump elected president. However, when asked if they thought he had a chance at presidency, all replied that he did.