Volunteer week sheds light on need for help in community

Families in need can find a refuge at Haven House, a lansing area non-profit. This makes Haven House unique, because “we’re the only shelter in Mid-Michigan that allows men, woman and children to stay in the same facility,” says Leah Weidner, the Volunteer and Special Projects coordinator of Haven House. This is important, because according to Weidner, spiting families up makes it harder for them to get back on their feet again. Haven House does have full time employees like Weidner, but those alone aren’t enough to keep the shelter worker as best it can. “We honestly couldn’t do half the things we do without volunteers.”

Despite harsh weather, MSU’s greek life shows up to make a difference.

Mid-Michigan’s weather was being unpredictable the Saturday afternoon that MSU’s Greek life day of service was hosted. However, outside it was below freezing, wet and snowy. The sisters of Alpha Ki Omega gathered at Fenner Nature Center for a chance pitch in and make the park a little nicer. “It’s chilly, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.” said Ruta Ulcinaite, one of the sisters.

Patrick Anderson, local businessman, survives two terrorist strikes

Anderson Economic group travels to has had a office in Turkey for over a year. They work to bring together institutions from both Turkey and the United States. Because of this, Patrick Anderson, CEO, was selected to be part of a delegation to go to Turkey’s capital, Ankara. However, shortly after Anderson left the capital, tragedy hit Ankara. “I frequently went up and down one of the main streets in Ankara.

Michigan exceeds renewable energy goal

If you drive along college road on by Michigan State Universities campus you may find a see a giant silo by the dairy farm. That might not be a huge surprise, but what that silo is doing could raise some eyes. That’s the Aerobic digester, and it’s turning organic waste, leftover food and animal manure, into a energy to power parts of MSU’s campus. Renewable energy is becoming more popular in Michigan as the state exceeded a milestone in regards to renewable energy. The state has more then 10% of it’s energy coming from renewable resources.

New complex at Michigan State hopes to bring in better student housing

East Lansing, Mich. (Focal Point) James Francois had spent both years of his masters at Owen hall. It wasn’t for him. “I kinda regret doing the second year at Owen,” the marketing student said in regards to living at the graduate hall, “I wish I could have gone to an apartment.” Francois said that apartment living might have allowed him more privacy along with more space to live and study.

Fan Fest


In Indiana the Spartans and Hawkeyes faced off in football, but they were not the only people playing throwing the pigskin. Earlier in the day, both MSU and Iowa fans ages 7-14 got to enjoy a youth football clinic hosted by Big Ten as part of the “Play 60” campaign. The idea is to get kids interested in sports, teach them the basics and get them active. The kids practiced various different positions and techniques. “They’re catching a few passes, doing a few drills, just kinda getting their blood going,” said Big Ten volunteer Kylie Evans.

CPL Boards Removed


With more mass shootings then days this year, what America should do with guns is a dangerous topic. However, Michigan recently made a move to make the process to carry a canceled gun in the state. The new legislation will remove Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Boards. These boards were important in determining who was able to carry concealed weapons. These boards were in existence since the late 20s and decided to.

Recently signed legislation could bring much need repair to Michigan roads


Rain Lui is a Michigan State University student who got the chance to drive across a lot of the United States. However, when she reached the state of Michigan, she couldn’t help but to notice a difference. “I could feel immediately degradation of the quality of the roads,” Lui said. However, there may be hope for more future road trips and commuters. A new package of bill recently signed by Governor Synder promises to bring in 1.2 billion dollars in new funding.