Close-knit community creates local business haven in downtown Williamston

When he was younger, Justin McVay turned to games to bring him out of his shell. Video games did not require social interaction at the time but he found board and card games pushed him in a way to interact with people in a way he did not normally. But that did not bother him. In fact, it made him more social and happy. It was only natural for him to want to spread that joy to others, so he got the idea to open a gaming store.

Williamston Township supervisor candidates disagree on budget, government services

Election Day is rapidly approaching and Williamston has several local elections on its ballot—among them is the Williamstown Township supervisor race. Incumbent Wanda Bloomquist (D) is seeking reelection and is challenged by retired Williamston police chief Howard Dahlstrom (R). The supervisor acts as the executive in the township government. According to the Williamstown Township website, some of the duties include: moderating board and annual meetings, acting as the township’s legal agent, appointing some commission members and developing the township budget. Township clerk Mark Steinberg said the race has high interest because of the two well-known candidates.