East Lansing’s poets strenghen Greater Lansing community

As a university town, East Lansing has a reputation for being home to many thinkers, students, and academics, making it an ideal location to foster a long-standing artistic community. There are eclectic string bands, frequent gallery openings, and, specifically, there is a large community of poets that exist separately from the nearby Michigan State University. One example is The Poetry Room, run by Grace Carras and Masaki Takahashi. “Along with Masaki, I host a monthly poetry open-mic extravaganza down at the Robin Theater called The Poetry Room. We try to encourage everyone to come and share their work,” Carras said.

MSU staff warily watching university’s handling of Nassar crimes

In the wake of Larry Nassar’s sex abuse scandal at Michigan State University, staff members, professors, and students alike are feeling the stress of a university whose future seems uncertain.  

Following two major protests on campus, a state and federal investigation, and a vote of no confidence in the Board of Trustees from MSU faculty during a recent televised emergency meeting, attitudes on campus toward the university can be complicated. One professor, Dave Sheridan, feels let down. “I certainly feel troubled, I feel that MSU as an organization failed and we clearly need to do better. And so we need to all work together to makes sure we will all do better in the future,” Sheridan said.