MSU and Vietnam: A dark chapter of the school’s history

After World War II, the political world was split between Communists aligning with the Soviet Union and anti-Communists aligning with the United States. During the resulting Cold War, these two countries fought over influence in conflicts around the globe. For instance, the U.S. government attempted to bolster anti-Communist efforts in Vietnam by providing resources and support to the South Vietnamese government. This support eventually escalated into military intervention during the Vietnam War. Michigan State University had an early but important role in Vietnam.

Title IX: What you should know

In the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, there is a lot attention on how MSU handles cases of sexual misconduct. Figuring out how schools address that misconduct can be difficult, as investigations are largely handled on a case-by-case basis. However, at the center of sexual misconduct claims in public schools is a law called Title IX. What is Title IX? Title IX requires federally funded schools to offer equal opportunities to men and women in all avenues, including sports, academics and research and prohibits sexual discrimination.

MSU students weigh in on Title IX concerns

MSU students have called for more education for incoming freshmen, training for faculty and staff and resources for survivors in recent forums addressing sexual assault on campus. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Education attended to hear from students during the forums, held Feb. 21 and 26, in a packed ballroom at the MSU Union. James Moore, the director of the Clery Act Compliance Division at the Department of Education, said they came from Washington to hear directly from students. “We can talk to all the administrators until we’re blue in the face,” Moore said.

Catholic Diocese of Lansing forms racial diversity task force after student protests


LANSING, Michigan – On October 6, 2017, the Lansing Catholic High School varsity football team ran out on their home field to play against Ionia High School. After pregame warmups, the team lined up for the national anthem. “My heart was beating so fast,” Senior Roje Williams said. “It felt like time around me just stopped.”

Williams and three of his teammates, all starters, locked arms and took a knee as the anthem started. Williams says he could tell the crowd was shocked.

Marijuana legalization may be on 2018 Michigan ballot

With the November 8th election approaching, several hot button issues are being debated and voted on. But despite the efforts of attorney Josh Covert and the marijuana lobbying group MI Legalize, marijuana legalization isn’t one of them. “We started our campaign to collect 253,000 valid signatures and if we had been successful it’d be on the 2016 ballot,” Covert said. Covert and MI Legalize were ultimately able to collect 354,000 signatures, over 100,000 more than legally required, to get their initiative…on the ballot. Their hope was that the initiative which could legalize marijuana for people 21 and over, would be voted on this November.

Hillary struggles to appeal to millennial voters

Per a USA Today poll, Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead over Donald Trump among millennial voters. So…when I asked people around Michigan State University…who they were voting for, the results were predictable. While the students I talked to knew who they were voting for, they weren’t as sure why they’re voting for Hillary Clinton. When asked what specific topics or policies are making them vote for Hillary, phrases like “I think” or “I feel” were common among millennial voters. But when I asked them why they weren’t excited to vote for Hillary…then they had answers.