Michigan State University's Clara Bell Smith Center is home to the university's academic support services for student-athletes.

Colleges battle reputation with academic programs for student-athletes

In October, after an eight-month investigation, the NCAA announced it would not punish the University of North Carolina for allowing some of its student-athletes to take fake classes. The case is among the most recent academic scandals in NCAA sports, adding fuel to the debate over whether colleges which part of being a student-athlete is betting emphasized: academics or sports.

The outside of Spartan Stadium's big screen.

Breaking stereotypes about funding of MSU athletics

As tuition costs continue to rise annually, officials at universities with large athletic programs often are criticized for spending on sports programs. The stereotype held by some people is that the university must use tuition dollars to support the athletics budget.

Lansing Lugnuts play-by-play announcer Jesse Goldberg-Strassler comments on a game in the broadcasting booth of Cooley Law School Stadium.

Q&A: Behind the scenes with broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

A sports broadcaster is the person who brings his audience right into the stadium and uses his voice to describe what’s going on in the field and behind the scene accurately and vividly. It’s a job that so many people dream of and pursue to do. At the same time, it also requires the right judgement.

GVSU’s campus free-speech case part of a nationwide movement

In December, a student group at Grand Valley State University criticized the university’s Free Speech Zone Policy in a federal lawsuit for limiting free-speech activities to “two small speech zones” on campus and asking students to seek permission to express themselves. In March, GVSU reached a settlement with the student group by agreeing to pay the legal fees and costs of the group totaling $11,025.