Social media and privacy podcast page

Welcome to the Social Media and Privacy podcast page.  I am your host, Thomas Kfoury. Each podcast focuses on social media or privacy topics that were prominent in the news during the second half of 2017.  There are five episodes:

Episode 1: Apple privacy page and release of iPhone X

Episode 2: Homeland Security and social media monitoring

Episode 3: Amazon Key

Episode 4: Honest Ad Act

Episode 5: Net Neutrality

These podcasts are here to inform listeners and promote discussion about each topic.  Thank you, and enjoy.

East Lansing tallies the expense of serving MSU

Michigan State University and East Lansing are intertwined.  They depend on each other.  MSU brings students and commerce, while East Lansing provides the university off-campus housing and basic services.  These services include fire, police, trash and ambulances. “All fire protection on campus is the East Lansing Fire Department,” said East Lansing Financial Health Team (FHT) member Michael Moquin.

Safe Halloween brings students and citizens together

Halloween can be a hectic time for East Lansing with Michigan State students and children from suburban East Lansing both helping make the city come alive this time of year. But these two groups do not normally mingle unless there is an event like Safe Halloween. Safe Halloween is an annual event that has been going on for more than 20 years, hosted by MSU Greek Life. This year Safe Halloween is on Oct. 27.

East Lansing changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

On Sept. 27, the East Lansing city council voted to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. The new names was chosen to celebrate the indigenous people of North America. The city had many reasons for changing the name of Columbus Day. Mayor Mark Meadows said, “Indigenous people are the first Americans, not Columbus and his men.