MSU student Jessica Cherniawsky explains struggles of being a Direct Care Worker

Jessica Cherniawsky, sophomore at Michigan State University, details her experiences of being a direct-care worker while being a full-time student. She works directly with children with autism. She finds many parts of her job frustrating, and other parts very rewarding. This profession is facing a major shortage of workers because of many factors, including low wages, long hours and hard labor. Cherniawsky describes the hardest aspects of her job as well as the parts that make it worthwhile.

Lansing students respond to some imaginative incentives

Sexton High School student Zamani Rogers speaks about The Playbook’s impact during the district board meeting Thursday night. The Lansing School District Board of Education last week agreed to be in contract negotiation with the School Days Foundation, implementing the foundation’s new program The Playbook to schools. Motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas leads the project. The program was piloted at Sexton High School, which is giving students an overwhelming amount of opportunities, including getting to attend this year’s Super Bowl. High school senior Zamani Rogers spoke of the impact The Playbook and Thomas’ team  had on her schoolwork and in her life.

Children weave colors into fence panel

East Lansing construction site receives a pop of color

A construction project at Albert Avenue and About Road in downtown East Lansing was brought to life by local K-12 students this past week. The art project displays numerous pictures and designs woven in fence paneling. Students use colorful strips to turn fence panels into art for the construction site of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union building in downtown East Lansing. The art was made possible by the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union and the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority, as well as local art teachers and students. Credit Union Chief of Marketing Officer Deidre Davis said the fence paneling really beautifies the construction site.

Students walks away from camera on sidewalk on snowy day

CATA route reduction sends students on a cold, lonely walk

With heavy snow hitting Michigan State University’s campus this week, students have no choice but to walk in the bitter cold because of bus shortages. Students were recently told that the CATA buses would be reducing pickups for their regular routes on campus. This includes routes 30, 31, 32, 33, 38 and 39, all routes MSU students use on a daily basis. Without the buses, students are forced to walk miles across campus though hazardous weather and below-freezing temperatures.