R.J. Shelton works through drills during training camp with the Minnesota Vikings. Shelton was signed as an undrafted free agent following the 2017 NFL draft.

Undrafted: Spartan players don’t give up on pro careers

There are only 32 picks in each of the seven rounds in the NFL draft. Yet there are more than 16,000 NCAA players who are draft eligible, according to the NCAA. But the draft is not always the end for players pursuing professional careers. [infogram id=”spartans-in-the-nfl-drafted-vs-undrafted-1h7z2l1ldxol4ow”]

Former Spartan wide receiver R.J. Shelton went undrafted in 2017, but the Minnesota Vikings saw something in him and signed him to the team for training camp. Shelton said his transition from college to the pros was simple.

The Harding sisters, from left to right, Priscilla, Elizabeth and Caroline, all play golf. Priscilla and Caroline are members of the Michigan State women’s golf team. Elizabeth is expected to join them next year.

Harding sisters bring sibling bond to MSU golf team

Teammates aren’t always just teammates. Sometimes they’re family. What do the Harding sisters really think about each other and golfing at MSU?Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline and Priscilla for extended interviews. 

The Harding sisters’ blood runs deep in the game of golf. Their father and mother were collegiate golfers — Tom played at Michigan State, while mother Joal played at Auburn. The Hardings come from South Lyon and have always been around the sport.

Q&A: Golfer Priscilla Harding talks about playing at the college level with her sisters

Priscilla Harding is the second of what soon will be three sisters playing on the Michigan State women’s golf team. Older sister Caroline is a redshirt sophomore and younger sister Elizabeth is expected to join the team next season. Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline to talk about what it’s like to play with her family’s legacy. Spartan Newsroom: What does it mean to you to play at the same school as your dad? Priscilla Harding: Once I decided to pursue golf, my No. 1 goal was to play at Michigan State.

Q&A: Caroline Harding talks about family legacy as Spartan golfers

Caroline Harding is the oldest of three golfing sisters who all have Spartan ties. Caroline and middle sister Priscilla already are members of the Michigan State women’s golf team; they’re expected to be joined by youngest sister Elizabeth next year. Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline to talk about what it’s like to play with her family’s legacy.

Concussions continue to plague male and female high school athletes

The Michigan High school Athletic Association reports that, after boys football, girls basketball and soccer have the next highest reported concussions in the state. Trainers and members of the MHSAA are working to find ways to better protect those athletes.

Michigan State University homecoming parade: 2017 edition

East Lansing citizens, Michigan State alumni and students gathered along Grand River for the annual homecoming parade Oct. 20. Onlookers cheered as Grand Marshall Tyler Oakley, a 2012 graduate of Michigan State and YouTube star, rode past, along with the sounds of the Spartan Marching Band and high school bands.