MSU students prepare for finals week

As the semester approaches an end, many students at MSU are preparing for final exams and beginning to put their schedules together for the next school year. About four weeks are left in the spring 2018 semester and students are starting to sift through their class notes, study and work hard to reach their desired grade. Thomas Adams, a media and information major at MSU, said he is trying to read over his notes and study in advance to get good grades. “I’m just studying my butt off, mostly reading notes, going to study sessions, stuff like that,” Adams said. Many students also have class projects at the end of the semester.

Grand Ledge High School seniors launch clothing company

For most people, high school is a far ways away from establishing yourself as a bonafide, contributing member to society. For others, like Grand Ledge High School seniors Hunter Crane and Ryan Whitacre, age is just a number, and it’s never too early to start doing what you love. 4284 Clothing started in the first week of January this year, when students Crane and Whitacre became motivated by the massive amount of business startups that are now surfacing throughout the retail market. “We became motivated by the stuff we’ve been seeing around,” said Crane. “We used the coordinates for Grand Ledge because we live, love, and breathe this town.”

Crane, 17, has toyed with the idea of entrepreneurship throughout the latter half of his high school career, using his high, dedicated work ethic to land himself into positions that are rather advantageous to his dreams of success.

Grand Ledge brewery opens after 3-year wait

There are many things in life that can make you happy, but sometimes they can be hard to find, or make time for. For brothers Ben and Ed Huston, however, the recipe to a happiness is simple: good beer and good people. Brick Haven Brewing Company opened up on Dec. 8, 2017, after a three-year project repurposing the old building. “It was once a church,” said co-owner/founder Ben Huston, “It was then the Grand Ledge city hall up until 2014 and in 2015 I bought the building for $50,000.”

Now in its second month of being an open, Brick Haven Brewing Company is showing more promise than expected, even by the Huston brothers.

Grand Ledge bakery wins “Best Bakery in Lansing Area”

It’s a cold, snowy day in a small, tight-knit town. Downtown Grand Ledge is dead, apart from one business that still has its doors open an hour after their marked closing time. It may be only 1 p.m, but business-owner Beth Augustine has been there since 2:30 in the morning, baking fresh pastries and bagels, the same way she does every single day. Their Flour Child bakery opened its doors on the streets of downtown Grand Ledge on Oct. 4, 2016.