Joe Biden makes an appearance in Lansing before election

The Democratic rally got started an hour and a half late, but local residents patiently awaited Former Vice President Joe Biden’s arrival. “It’s been a rough couple of months,” Biden said. “Folks, we’ve gotta turn this around”. Democrats Gretchen Whitmer and Elissa Slotkin were among the candidates attending the rally at Lansing Community College. “I am running because it is time for a new generations of leaders,” Slotkin said.

Recreational marijuana could potentially become legal in Michigan

Voters in Michigan will get the choice to vote and make it recreation marijuana legal in the upcoming election. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol has officially gotten the approval to get proposal one on the ballot for the November election. The initiative was approved by the State in May of 2017. Between May and November last year the campaign collected more than three hundred and sixty thousand signatures which exceed the minimal amount of two hundred and fifty two thousand, five hundred and twenty three signatures. “Up to two and a half ounces on your possession, and up to 10 ounces stored in a locked container at home,” Joshua Honey, the Coalition Communicative director, said.

MSU student killed at off-campus apartments, still under investigation

An MSU student was killed two weeks ago at an off-campus apartment complex and the incident is still under investigation. MSU senior, Isai Berrones, was shot at the 25 East Apartments located on Abbot Road a little before 3 a.m. on October 12th. The 22-year-old was involved in an altercation that turned into a fight and escalated to him being shot. He later died while being transported to the hospital. East Lansing police said the two groups involved have not been found, but they will continue to investigate.

Life Chain brings attention to abortion

On the first Sunday of October every year, thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. support millions of babies that are aborted with an hour of prayer. This year, they were on Grand River and Hagadorn holding up signs to protest, talking about how adoption is an underused option as an alternative to abortion. Members of the moment explained that a classroom of children get aborted everyday. Many believe that this is a problem in the United States, stating that its something worth fighting for. “A whole elementary school full of children are aborted every single week in Michigan, multiply that across the whole country, I think that is something that needs to change,” Life Chain member, Ed Rivet, said.

MSU alum bringing something sweet to East Lansing

David Yuan is a man with big dreams, dreams that started when he was a boy. Growing up he was the oldest, with high expectations and responsibilities. “This was really just gods plan,” Yuan said. “The most influence that I got was from my mom, dad, Grandpop.” David was born in America, but spent ten years of his childhood from age three to fourteen in Indonesia.

A new app could change how you check your blood pressure

A Michigan State University team has created something new that may change the way that people check your blood pressure. Engineering professor Ramakrishna Mukkamala and a team of PhD students have created a simple way to check your blood pressure after years of tests and experiments. The app was created to simplify the current process of checking your blood pressure. The app requires you to hold your finger on the screen, adjust the lines and hold it down while the app calibrates your blood pressure. The BP number appears at the top and two graphs calculate the blood pressure prediction.

Michigan State University has new rules for mopeds

Michigan State University’s Police Department has some new rules enforced for mopeds. In addition to registering your motorized vehicle with MSU, you can no longer park them at the bike racks. There are designated spots for students to park mopeds. If found anywhere on campus without registration or a permit, vehicles will be ticketed or towed at the riders expense. Moped registration are 50 dollars per year and moped parking permits are 50 dollars per semester.

Trustee candidates get questioned by students

A new board of trustees is in MSU’s near future. Students had the chance to ask candidates questions last week. After the Larry Nassar case that has affected many Michigan State students, some were worried about what the new elected board will do to avoid mistakes made in the past at their university. ASMSU hosted a forum for students to ask the trustee candidates questions about how they plan to make a difference if elected. Former prosecutor, Brianna Scott, said she wants to be more involved with students day-to-day lives by being more involved with the students she will be impacting.

Changes coming to Downtown Okemos

Ace Hardware and Mitten Raised Bakery are few of many businesses in Downtown Okemos that have now closed, leaving the area lifeless and uninhabited. Bottoms Up dancewear shop is one of the last businesses still afloat, but not for much longer. “It just seemed like a good time to go. It was such a hard decision to leave our lovely customers, but after working so many long hours all these years, it is time for a new adventure,” Bottoms Up owner, Sherry Fisher, said. After 40 years, Fisher will be moving to Florida to start a new life.

MSU Bakery opens new storefront

If you usually have to go get breakfast on the go, you may just miss a new stop for students on campus. It’s called MSU Food Stores, a new place for students to stop by to grab bagels, donuts, breads, and more made from scratch located on the west side of the bakery building. “The customer service girls told me that it is the cheapest on campus, its cheaper than Sparty’s,” Lexi Florinki, a bakery employee, said. Some of the employees work overnights, baking begins at three am and they seem to enjoy it thanks to Rita Lyon. “Oh my god, Rita is the greatest, Rita is probably like the only reason that I keep coming to work,” an employee said.