Relationships changing between police and citizens in DeWitt and Bath Township

Relationships have changed with officers and citizens in Bath and DeWitt township after the nationwide news of police involved shootings and the activist groups that have formed because of these incidents. “Not everyone likes Police, and it’s just something we have to deal with,” Officer Avery Lyon of Bath Township said. Racial relations have been a constant issue between citizens and officers throughout the country. Many citizens feel afraid when having an encounter with an officer. “It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black,” Lyon said.

What’s trending with your presidential pick on social media?

People are taking to social media to make light of America’s controversial situation and here’s what’s being talked about with your presidential pick.  

When it comes to Donald Trump, his “Make America Great Again” hashtag is trending with 330,000+ tweets. While Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” hashtag has 390,000+ tweets. Overall 450,000+ people have tweeted @realDonaldTrump and 290,000+ people have tweeted @HillaryClinton. With Trump’s tweet, “TODAY WE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” receiving 190,000+ retweets, making it today’s most retweeted tweet on twitter.

Who is winning the social media race? Presidential candidates’ morning on Facebook

Donald Trump is winning the Facebook popularity race as of 11 a.m. with his two posts receiving more than double the likes than Clinton’s six posts. Since the polls opened at 7 a.m., Trump has had over 102,000 shares, 527,000  likes, and 40,000 comments. With Clinton having over 45,000 shares, 241,000 likes, and 11,000 comments. Despite the fact Clinton has posted more than the Republican candidate, Trump’s two posts have had significantly more positive social media attention. With Trump leading the social media race on Facebook all week, his total likes surpassing Clinton’s by two million.

Politics or personal? MSU women talk about how they view the 2016 election

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are considered two of the most controversial presidential candidates to date. Their unique political campaigns have been constantly dissected throughout the 2016 presidential election. Clinton has made history for being the first female Democratic nominee for president, while simultaneously being investigated by the FBI. Trump has made headlines for his extreme behavior, strong personality and what some consider an overly offensive conduct. When it comes to the political opinions of MSU young women, they vary greatly.