East Lansing is going to soon have a housing market overload

East Lansing has residents that live in apartment complexes which could see issues in coming years with rent control and foreclosures because of the amount of other apartment complexes that are opening up. East Lansing has an estimated total population of 48,365 as of the Census estimations of 2016. The United States Census estimations has the population from 15 to 24 years being 64.1 percent of the cities population. East Lansing is a college town and in college towns you tend to see a lot of certain types of businesses fast food places tanning salons and apartment complexes are among these, said Charles Ballard, a professor of economics at Michigan State University. East Lansing is an example of a student driven economy where businesses appear to cater to the needs of the students as well as the residents of the city.

Communication between government and residents is crucial, East Lansing officials say

Communication between a publicly elected government and the people that it is representing is crucial to residents understanding and supporting their local government, from meetings between city officials to emergency warnings, East Lansing’s government is trying very hard to keep its public well informed. “I think that it’s important that we improve communication in the community I’m not sure that we are doing an adequate job I think we’re doing the job that we can do given the resources that we have at this point and time,” said Mark Meadows mayor of East Lansing. East Lansing has has its own television channel that it uses to communicate with the community around it. “We have a public access well government channel. It’s Channel 22 and that is something that we use to televise our council meetings and our planning commission meetings.

Drinking holidays in East Lansing increase revenue at bars and liquor stores

East Lansing, being a college town, has a lot of bars and liquor stores where alcohol can be obtained. Those places see an increase in the amount of alcohol sales around several holidays that are considered drinking holidays. These drinking holidays are just normal holidays that society has associated with drinking. Either at parties or in social places such as bars as well as purchasing alcohol from liquor stores these holidays have become connected to alcohol. Some bars and liquor stores see an influx of people around drinking holidays.

East Lansing’s government-run Farmer’s Market dealing with religious separation issues

The East Lansing Farmer’s Market is a government-run entity that has had issues with religious groups and organizations in the past. “I don’t know if you want to go as far as to say there was a church spiritual function as opposed to a public function. They were representing the church vs/ the general public. What we’ve tried to do in situations of that nature is have honor. I mean, I don’t see it as a church and state issue,” said Tim McCaffrey, the director of the City of East Lansing Department of Parks, Recreation & Arts.

The Center City District project is changing the face of downtown East Lansing

The Center City District project is something that the East Lansing Planning Building and Development Department has been working on since July 2016. It is a project that will further the development of downtown East Lansing. This project is rather large, but how well informed are the people of East Lansing about it? When speaking to some of East Lansing’s residents it quickly became apparent that the residents of East Lansing did not know much in regards to the Center City District project. Varying in response from “I don’t know much about that (in reference to the Center City District Project),” or “Is that the new apartment complex?” and things like “Oh, that’s where the Target is going in,” no one was informed to the point where they could establish where the project was going in or what was really going to be there structurally.

Businesses in East Lansing are dependent on student-driven economy

Businesses in East Lansing are supported by a student-driven economy in which many businesses cater to the needs of the student population. This can be seen not only in the types of businesses located near Michigan State’s campus but also their sheer quantity. “Without the students this town wouldn’t exist,” said Jeff Cooper, a barber at Campus Barber Incorporated located on East Grand River Avenue. “The townies (East Lansing residents that are not students) need to get that the students are not part-time residents — that they’re full time residents. I mean if that campus over there wasn’t over there, there’s not a business on this strip that could survive.”

Not all of the businesses that are found in East Lansing are only there to cater to the students.

Despite Nassar scandal, a positive outlook for East Lansing’s MSU-dependent economy

Although the Larry Nassar situation might be detrimental for the reputation of Michigan State University, it does seem that the city surrounding the university will be able to survive from the repercussions. It does not seem that the incident will have a strong effect on the local economy. “Honestly I can’t see a connection on that one. I’m not sure why there would be a connection there,” said Tim Dempsey the director of East Lansing’s Planning, Building & Development Department. “ I can’t imagine how.