Michigan’s volunteer cyber corps expands despite critical audit report

Cyber security requires constant updates and reviews, experts say — and a group of Michigan volunteers that responds to attacks on government databases just got one of its own. The state’s auditor general recently reported that 35 of the 99 volunteers of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps failed to undergo background checks. Two volunteers failed the checks and had their status revoked in April. Coordinators of the network say that improvements have been made in a service needed to keep data secure.

Reading programs could get state boost

The school budget is not a done deal but among the points of agreement between the governor and the Legislature is to triple the funding for literacy coaches to help Michigan students improve their reading scores. Advocates hope that it will mean more students will pass the reading requirement that threatens to retain many third graders. It would mean more coaches could better cover the needs of farflung districts such as those in the Upper Peninsula. We talk to a UP intermediate school official.