The East Lansing City Council met with the intent to discuss the appointment of Kathy Swedlow, to the East Lansing Police oversight division

On Feb. 6 the East Lansing City Council members held its regular meeting and recommended Kathy Swedlow to the East Lansing Police Oversight Division. Councilwoman Dana Watson, as the co-council liaison for LAPAC, and Councilman Mark Meadows stepped out to look for a specific position. When looking through many candidates, they found a great person to interview, who is Kathy Swedlow. Swedlow stood out as a great candidate in the eyes of the city council members, Watson said.

MSU Honors College holds 7th annual Diversity Research Showcase, journalism students speak on diversity challenges

Michigan State Honors College students recently displayed projects at the 7th Annual Diversity Research Showcase, allowing the campus community to come together to learn more about student research and advance inclusion efforts at Michigan State. 

The main topic,“What is this university doing for me, and where can I find my place on this campus?” was also tied to MLK Day and Black History Month. The showcase highlighted nearly 35 presentations by 50 students. Students attended this event in person in the MSU Union or online.  

Each group was given an opportunity to speak about what they are researching and also to think about the challenges of being diverse among Michigan State students and residents. This Diversity Research Showcase showed topics that affected the lives of student journalists as well, finding their way in the career fields of journalism as a diverse individual. 

The event started with a small introduction from Honors College Dean Christopher Long, which was bridged into the viewing of the presentations. Each student created, researched and presented their research idea with their mentors. 

“The work that our mentors are doing is such an integral part of the mission of the university,” Long said. 

The first prize winners Anum Latif, Abhinav Anand, Amaya Aten, and Christeen Mangalathet spoke about undergraduate students’ understanding of equity in residential colleges.