Obama campaigns in Ann Arbor for Clinton

On November 7, the day before the election, Chelsea Clinton and President Barack Obama campaigned for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. The rally took place at a baseball stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bernie campaigns for Clinton in East Lansing

Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton on October 6 in East Lansing, Michigan. Many Michigan State University students came to the rally, which was held in an open field in the middle of campus.

Students protest Donald Trump Jr.’s rally

MSU students protested the presence of Donald Trump Jr. at Michigan State University on November 2. Donald Trump Jr. was holding a rally at the Union on behalf of his father.

Political Advertising

By Scott Swanson

East Lansing, Mich

It’s official. The 2012 presidential campaign is the single most advertised election ever. Over $1 billion has been spent on over one million television advertisements, in findings released by the Wesleyan Media Project. The report goes on to say that Barack Obama’s campaign has sponsored half of all political advertisements. Mitt Romney’s campaign has been boosted by outside sources, funding over a quarter of a million advertisements.