AUDIO: Cans and bottles for cash

Cans and bottles have become a norm to society. They are a part of our every day life. Beer can be found in either bottle or can form. Soda is found in a can as well, but can sometimes be found in a bottle also. It is now possible to find water that is served in a can too.

Do college degrees guarantee a successful career?

Deciding where to go to college is a tough decision for high school seniors to make. It can be stressful given the fact that it is a new environment, new people, new living space, etc., but what about making the decision on whether or not to go to college and get a degree? Instead of going off to college after high school graduation, some students decide that college may not be for them and opt out of the decision to attend completely. Other students may decide to try it out for a year or two and realize that college is not for them. In a world that stresses the importance of getting a college degree in order to find a successful career, how do others without a degree find the same success?

AUDIO: To do it yourself, or pay others to do it for you?

Mowing and maintaining the lawn during the hot summer months has become the norm for residents in Fenton, Mich. Some residents prefer to mow the lawn on their own while others will hire a lawn care service to have their lawn done professionally. Many factors are considered when making the decision on whether or not to hire a lawn care service. Some factors include age and if you are not physically able to, simply not having enough time to do it, and the sheer possibility of not having enough knowledge to mow the lawn on your own. Whatever the case may be, it is certain that mowing your grass has to be done, but how it gets done is up to you. 





PHOTOS: Summer fun and games are not always the case for working students


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School has been out for almost two months now and summer has been in full swing for the high school students of Fenton, Mich. Summer is a time that students like to put down the books and enjoy the fun activities this time of year has to offer such as spending time on the lake, taking family vacations, and relaxing with friends, but for most high school students, summer is more than just some fun activities. Instead, you can find a majority of students spending their summer working a part-time job as well. “My dad basically said, ‘you’re going to play a sport or you’re going to get a job; you’re not just going to sit around the house all day,'” said Matt Sullivan, senior at Fenton high school. “I was like alright, whatever I’ll go make money, fine with me.”

Plasma for sale: body parts aren’t off-limits for cash

When thinking of a donation some thoughts or words that come to mind may include clothes, food, money, or charity. Maybe even the thrift shop The Salvation Army or the consignment shop Goodwill. People donate all the time and do it expecting nothing in return, well at least most people. People will also donate parts of their bodies in exchange for cash. Some common donations include plasma, hair, sperm, and eggs.

VIDEO: A smart way to sell a house

When deciding to sell a home, there is a lot of thought that goes into the process and many decisions are to be considered before finalizing a deal with a buyer. Do you try to sell your house on your own or do you hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of the business? Is it better to stage your home in hope that it helps give the buyer a better idea of what their new home may look like or do you leave it bare and let the buyer imagine what their future home could look like? These are all reasonable decisions that should be carefully considered when putting your house up for sale.  


VIDEO: A 50/50 deal

When we see or hear of a consignment shop some words that come to mind may include cheap, bargain, deal, unique; the list goes on and on. Owners of consignment shops are not only in it for the profit they make off of their store, but to recycle items and products that hold a sentimental and historical value to the community, rather than to have it misused or thrown out. Customers visit these shops in hope to find a deal on a product that still has value or to bring in a piece that they believe still has value in hope of making some sort of profit off of it sometime down the road. Whatever the reason may be, owners and customers cherish the products a consignment store has to offer just as much as the profit they make off of those same exact products.