Williamston Pub & Grill has all the specials, and a good time

Every day is a special at the Williamston Pub & Grill.  Each day corresponds to a different promotion as the restaurant tries to entice diners to visit.  

On Mondays, they have Happy Hour from 3- 7 p.m.;  Tuesday there is Taco and Trivia; Wednesday is Burger Night, Thursday there is Trivia Night, on Friday, they have all-you-can-eat fish fry; Saturday has live entertainment for those dining in, and finally, Sunday is Fun Day.  

Michelle Van Sledright works at Williamston Pub & Grill and says she started working here in March, and moved to Owosso in August. She chooses to make the commute because she loves it here so much.

Groovy Donuts becomes popular gathering spot

In 2015, Andrew Gauthier and Monica Lucas tossed around the idea of opening a coffee shop.  Then Lucas asked, “How are you going to be different.” That’s when Gauthier thought of donuts, and Groovy Donuts was born. Gauthier and Lucas both got their degrees at Michigan State University.  Gauthier graduated in business, while Lucas got a management degree for fisheries and managed a few fish labs on campus.  Then the idea of a coffee and donut shop came to fruition. So, they practiced making donuts at home, while also keeping their day jobs.