Volunteers of America provide shelter to homeless in Lansing

Winter time: Ice skating, hot chocolate and for some folks a struggle. “I became homeless for a year and a half now. [I was] Shelter to shelter, struggling and not having a place and feeling lost,” said Diana Ramey of Lansing. Ramey lives now lives at the Volunteers of America shelter, her fourth move since she became homeless over a year ago. She says that she has met a lot of families in need at the shelter.

Faculty helps students cope in the days after the election

The Office of Student Affairs and Services along with a few others on campus resource centers hosted #MSUDayAfter to give students a chance to unpack their feelings after the election. “What we’re trying to do is honestly help teach college students how to build community even when they leave this campus of Michigan State,” said Dr. Terrence Frazier, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Services. Students and faculty gathered in the Business college to listen to each others thoughts, fears and experiences. “From the MSU community I know a lot of us are scared,” said student Myya Jones. Jones sat on the panel to answer and discuss with other students.

Black Lives Matter protestors ask MSU admin for a response

A group of students made strides from the union, down Grand River and around to the front steps of the administration building on October 11. They came with demands that the administration pick a side in the political debate surrounding the Black Lives Mater Movement. The conflict originally began when students who were against inviting Donald Trump’s Campaign to speak at the university expressed that to ASMSU and felt ignored. The group stated in a post to the state news that they believe that a visit from the presidential candidate would promote his xenophobic campaign and further endanger communities of black and brown people. “The issue arised when there was a silencing of students on ASMSU’s Facebook page who voiced their concerns,” said Breanna Escamilla, one of the protests organizers.

Lansing opens new Chick-fil-A location

It’s been over a week since the opening of the new Chick-fil-A, and traffic has not slowed down yet. “There was just a lot of excitement for the new Chick-fil-A Restaurant,” said Matt Adair. He and about 100 others camped outside of the restaurant to get a years worth of free meals. Some customers camped there for over 24 hours. Adair says that he had been there since 6 a.m. the previous day.