Hearts of Fun Playground opens for accessible fun

Traditional playground equipment is inaccessible to students with motor issues and other physical challenges, leaving many children behind during playtime. The Ingham Intermediate School District’s Heartwood School in Mason has combated this problem by creating a playground that is fully accessible to all children. After almost 10 years of work, the Heart of Fun Playground has been completed.

Pet adoption rate skyrockets amid pandemic

Sydney BowlerOne of the cats at The Capital Area Humane Society lounges on a bed in its room. The Capital Area Humane Society has had many more pets adopted than in previous years, likely due to the fact that the pandemic is giving owners more free time. This year there have been more than 2,700 adoptions. The Humane Society’s director of community relations attributes this to people having more free time at home. Penny Myers said, “People have time to bring their pets in and get them acclimated, and now if you get a puppy you have more time to train them.”

People are still welcome to come meet pets and see if one is right for them.