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Soaring gas prices prime East Lansing for commuting alternatives

In recent weeks, Americans have felt the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other dynamics at the fuel pump. According to AAA gas price data, Lansing residents can expect to pay an average of $3.81 per gallon of regular unleaded fuel, down from last month’s average of $4.14 but far above last year’s average of $2.82. 


A lack of commute options forces many into costly alternatives. When gas prices go up, it ultimately reduces how much workers are taking home. Trent Delongchamp, a Chandler Crossings resident and Michigan State University sophomore, says he now pays $85 per tank of gas to fill his 2011 Ford Expedition. 

“I drive from my apartment to campus three days a week there and back, and also work Mondays and Fridays,” said Delongchamp, “I feel like I don’t make as much profit from my work anymore because I have to budget more for the insane gas prices in Lansing.”  

Scott Stewart, an East Lansing DoorDash driver has been forced to adjust to higher gas prices. 

“I have to be a lot more picky with the orders I take, making sure that the pay per mile is high [enough] so I can actually make money on it,” Stewart said. “So I end up taking fewer orders, making less money per day.

Spring brings back sunshine, warm weather and electric scooters

“It’s scary, you don’t hear them sometimes because you have headphones on and suddenly, whoosh.” – Shreya Chavva, MSU freshman

As frequent rain washed away the remaining mounds of snow along roadways, East Lansing residents may have noticed the not-so-subtle return of the many electric scooters once again lining (and often obstructing) sidewalks. 

Andrew Miller-ThomasBird Scooter knocked over off Grand River Ave. With a top speed of 15 mph, the Bird and Spin electric scooters littered across the city provide a convenient alternative to public transit and walking –  allowing users to take advantage of bike paths and similar infrastructure without the hassle or maintenance that comes with owning a bike or electric scooter yourself. 

Both companies charge an initial fee of $1 or less depending on location and current demand. Afterward, both companies charge around 15-39 cents per minute. Users must download the app for the brand of scooter they wish to rent and create an account. Despite their convenience and popularity, electric scooters present some safety concerns in a city so reliant on cars.

War in Ukraine spikes oil prices, consumers pay price at pumps

Michigan gasoline prices spiked 5 cents overnight Wednesday – an ongoing result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to AAA’s gas price tracker, Ingham County residents can expect to pay an average of $3.70 per gallon for regular 87 unleaded fuel. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, experts predict fuel prices could be as high as $4.25 by mid-March. 

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has many countries bracing for major disruptions to the crude oil supply chain. The Brent Oil Benchmark, the globally recognized standard, now values a barrel of oil at $113. This comes barely a week after the benchmark reached the triple digit mark for the first time in 7 years. The cheapest gas in East Lansing wad at the Admiral gas station on Grand River, just east of the Michigan State campus, where prices were $3.59 a gallon.

Red Bull brings wings to MSU: Students test their paper airplane skills

Andrew Miller-ThomasAn MSU student throws his paper plane in a distance competition. Coolers filled to the brim with Red Bull energy drinks flanked the walls of Breslin Student Events Center as the caffeine magnate hosted a paper airplane competition Wednesday. 

Red Bull’s newest Global Student Project is called “Red Bull Paper Wings.” It is a global paper airplane throwing contest for longest distance and longest airtime. 

The scene was hectic, with dozens of haphazardly constructed planes whizzing overhead, as students tested their designs. “Mine kinda sucks,” joked MSU junior Hunter Reilly. “I wanted to build a ring, but I don’t know how to,” he said, bursting into laughter. Andrew Miller-ThomasStudents test their paper plane designs in the Breslin Center concourse.

Emergency services, road and winter weather guide for East Lansing

Heavy snowfall began early Wednesday morning as forecasters predicted as much as 6 inches to blanket East Lansing – interrupting an uncharacteristically tame Michigan winter. Representatives of the East Lansing Fire Department and East Lansing Public Works are confident in the city’s ability to respond to the mid- winter whiteout. “We have to drive slower be extra cautious,” said fire department Capt. Jim Ladiski. “It does add a few seconds to a minute to response times . . . Our trucks are pretty big though, they do pretty well” in the snow. While response times are quick, the fire department still wants residents to take care while heating their homes. Safety tips regarding heating and more can be found on their website.