Instagram users respond to Keyon Clinton's challenge to focus on health and wellness for 60 days as part of his #60daytransformationchallenge.

Q&A: MSU alum motivates other with #60daytransformationchallenge

Michigan State University alumnus Keyon Clinton put out a challenge to his social media followers — and they responded. Clinton, a motivational speaker and author, challenged himself to transform his body in 60 days, and then put the challenge out to others. More than 250 people have responded to his #60daychallenge. Clinton uses Instagram and GroupMe to connect with his followers. Spartan Newsroom: What is the purpose of the 60-day challenge? Keyon Clinton: Recently, I went through a major body transformation to step on stage as a certified bodybuilder within six months.

English junior Laurielle Martin works with a hair client. Martin uses social media to promote her business.

Students use social media to build beauty business

Being on social media is about more than “beating” faces and “fleeking” hairstyles for MSU students who are building their beauty businesses. It’s also a chance to connect directly with customers by helping them feel beautiful. “A few women have reached out to me and told me how they admire how I am slowly starting my business and that it is motivating for them,” said makeup artist Devinnia Moore, a journalism senior at Michigan State. “I use social media to promote my creativity. I post makeup videos that I make myself along with pictures of my clients,” Moore said.

Physical and mental health improvements for seniors in Holt

At the Sam Corey Senior Center in Holt, seniors come to exercise, stretch and have a good time. “I believe that government assistance is a great thing, it supports a lot of seniors, like me, in many ways,” Mary Atkinson, Sam Corey senior visitor said. “I am retired now and can’t afford all of the things that are needed for my health. I am on Medicare and it is very helpful knowing that the government is helping me in any way possible. I appreciate the things that are being done for me like covering my hospitals visit and medication for my blood pressure.”

Senior health has been a major concern in the United States, with inventions like Life Alert, advantages like American Association of Retired Persons or assistance with Medicare.

Meals On Wheels brings food and fun to seniors in Holt

The Sam Corey Senior Center was the first place built for seniors to come and congregate in Delhi Township. Every Wednesday, the center holds Meals on Wheels, an event where seniors benefit from the nutrition program that offers hot meals. The program is run by volunteers and benefits all residents 55-years and older. This October, the Center hosted a special Halloween edition where everyone, including volunteers and visiting seniors, wore costumes to show their spirit.