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  • Small-town Massachusetts restaurant recovers from big changes

    When COVID-19 shut everything down in March of last year, it hurt many businesses and restaurants to the point where they couldn’t recover. Bueno Malo, a small restaurant in the suburban town of Andover, Massachusetts, was not one of these.

  • City of Detroit incentivizes to get more vaccinated

    Courtesy: City of Detroit Good Neighbor Program expansion, "Get $50 to save a life." "Save a Life - Make $50" is Detroit's most recent expansion of the Good Neighbor Program to get more citizens vaccinated against COVID-19.  On May 3, 2021, Detroit piloted the expansion of the Good Neighbor Program, called "Save a Life," which offers $50 prepaid cards to those who register and drive Detroiters to get the first dose of the vaccination.  In January, Good Neighbor started as a program to support senior citizens in which volunteers transported seniors to their vaccine appointment, getting an opportunity to get their own vaccination despite the age requirement.  As the eligibility for the vaccination expanded to everyone 16 and older, the city noticed a decline in the city’s rate of vaccinations.  “What if anybody who cared about someone enough to help them make the appointment, took them in, could get the same $50,” Mayor Mike Duggan said during a press conference on April 28: Before the city announced the expansion, it offered rides to vaccination sites for $2 to Detroiters, while the city covered the actual cost of $35 to $50 for the trips.

  • Juneteenth becomes a holiday and “part of history that was skipped” is recognized

    People in Detroit expressed their passion for the holiday Juneteenth. From mural paintings to graffiti art for sale.