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  • CNS Summer 2021 1st Michigan Environmental budget

    June 7, 2021 CNS Budget — Summer 2021 1st Michigan Environmental Budget To: CNS Editors From: Eric Freedman For technical problems, contact CNS technical manager Eryn Ho at (616) 485-9295; For other matters, contact Eric Freedman at (517) 256-3873;

  • Polluter ordered to jail for illegally discharging untreated waste

    By ERIC FREEDMANCapital News Service  LANSING -- A federal judge has sentenced a Flint polluter to one year behind bars for illegally discharging more than 47 million gallons of untreated waste into the city’s sewer system. Robert Massey, the 70-year-old president and owner of family-owned Oil Chem Inc., pleaded guilty to violating the Clean Water Act over an 8½ year period between 2007 and 2015.

  • The nearly mile-long boardwalk at Arcadia Marsh built by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.
    Trails become friendlier for users with disabilities

    By JIM DuFRESNECapital News Service  LANSING -- At some point in our lives, we all can use a little help down the trail -- aging baby boomers, a toddler, a parent pushing a stroller, an expectant mother, somebody who walks with a cane, somebody else who suffers from asthma.  The days of covering 20 miles with a 30-pound pack on our back might be a thing of the past, but not the desire to spend an afternoon in the woods seeing where this winding footpath takes us. That’s why what use to be “handicap accessible” is now “universal access” with organizations like the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy pursuing a goal to preserve the outdoors for everybody.  “For a variety of reasons, many people in our community simply aren’t able to go on the hikes or enjoy the outdoor experiences that so many of us take for granted,” conservancy Executive Director Glen Chown said.  “Everyone deserves access to nature, and we’re thrilled to offer universally accessible ways to enjoy some of our region’s best natural attractions,” Chown said.