CNS budget, Nov. 4, 2022

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Week 9 – 11/4/22

CNS Budget

To: CNS Editors

From: David Poulson and Judy Putnam

Welcome to the ninth CNS file of the 2022 fall semester. 

For technical problems, contact CNS technical manager Eryn Ho at (616) 485-9295,

For other matters, contact Dave Poulson at (517) 899-1640;

Here is your file:

CHRISTMAS TREES: This growing season for Christmas trees was the best year in a long time, benefiting Michigan’s 500 Christmas tree farmers. Michigan is third in the country in Christmas tree production, producing 2 million trees a year. We talk to farmers in Caledonia, Manton near Cadillac and Port Austin, as well as the head of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association. FOR CADILLAC, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, WKTV, CORP!,  MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS AND ALL POINTS

w/CHRISTMAS TREES PHOTOS 1: Levi Dutcher, with his family outside Old Grove Christmas Tree Farm in Caledonia, will carry on a family tradition of selling trees. Credit: Levi Dutcher.

FARM ACCIDENTS: As farmers wrap up the harvest season, traffic accidents involving farm vehicles are up over last year, officials said.  As of Oct. 28, there were 168 accidents involving farm vehicles, according to State Police reports. By the same time in 2021, there had been about 150 of these accidents. November sees the most accidents of any month. Last year, Ottawa and Ingham counties each had nine, the highest of any county. So far this year Branch County has had 20 farm vehicle traffic accidents, the most this year. By Janelle James. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, COLDWATER, CORP!, CITY PULSE, HOLLAND, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, LANSING CITY PULSE AND BUSINESS AND NEWS PAGES OF ALL POINTS.

FIGHTING FARM PESTS: Michigan farmers are gearing up to fight new pests creeping into the state as climate change extends their range. Warmer weather for longer allows insects and weeds to thrive in crop fields and they’re able to resist commonly used pesticides and herbicides. Drones that spot outbreaks to target pesticides as needed is one advancement. Farmers and scientists are collaborating to find new ways of fighting pests. We talk to a Michigan Farm Bureau conservation specialist, an MSU professor of environmental sciences and a farmer in Ada. By Sarah Atwood FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS JOURNAL, HOLLAND SENTINEL, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS,WKTV AND ALL POINTS

w/FIGHTING FARM PESTS PHOTO 1: Tar spot is a fungus that attacks corn and causes production losses. Credit: Michigan State University

w/FIGHTING FARM PESTS PHOTO 2: Spotted wing drosophila is an insect that lays its eggs on the inside of fruit, like this raspberry, causing it to rot. Credit: University of Minnesota Extension

LILYPAD: A solar-powered boat has recently emerged on the Kalamazoo River that can even run through the night after the sun fully charges it. The rental boat is pollution-free and fit for up to nine passengers. Development of the vessel was financed by a unique business incubator for clean technology products. We talk to the CEO of the Holland-based boat builder and the head of the business accelerator at Lawrence Tech in Southfield. By Anastasia Pirrima FOR HOLLAND, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP!, PLANET DETROIT,  DETROIT AND BUSINESS AND NEWS PAGES OF ALL POINTS

w/LILYPAD PHOTO 1: A woman does a handstand on a solar-powered Lilypad boat in a group on the Kalamazoo River. Credit: Lilypad Labs

w/LILYPAD PHOTO 2: A solar panel at sunset in a Lilypad boat on the Kalamazoo River. A fully charged boat can run all night. Credit: Lilypad Labs

w/LILYPAD PHOTO 3: A Lilypad boat is loaded with snacks and beverages. Credit: Lilypad Labs

HOUSING VALUES: A $34.9 million cleanup of heavily contaminated Muskegon Lake and White Lake is estimated to have recovered $16.4 million in lost housing value for nearby homeowners, according to a recent study that concluded cleanups of toxic hotspots – Areas of Concern, as the EPA designates them – are not only beneficial for public health and wildlife, but also for the overall economy. We also hear from the White Lake Chamber & Visitor Bureau and the Muskegon mayor. FOR HOLLAND, LUDINGTON, MANISTEE, OCEANA COUNTY, CHEBOYGAN, TRAVERSE CITY, LEELANAU, PETOSKEY, HARBOR SPRINGS, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP!, WKTV, PETOSKEY AND ALL POINTS.

w/HOUSING VALUES MUSKEGON LAKE: Map of Muskegon Lake. Parcels represent homes in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. 

w/HOUSING VALUES WHITE LAKE: Map of White Lake. Parcels represents homes in Montague and Whitehall.