East Lansing shows its Pride

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Kalee Kniess

East Lansing community showing Pride

Brad Johnson couldn’t wait to celebrate Pride month this year.

Johnson, the Community Outreach Manager at the Hub East Lansing, along with the whole company is leading an initiative for Pride.

“I’ve only been with this company for a year and my old company never really did anything for Pride so being able to do something for this company is really exciting for me,” said Johnson. 

The Hub East Lansing is located on Grand River in East Lansing, next to Michigan State University’s campus. The building is decorated with Pride flags by the rooftop pool. However, the flags are just one part of the Hub’s celebration. 

“We are having Pride events; we gave out mini flags and temporary tattoos and we are hopefully getting a bakery to make rainbow donuts or cookies for our residents,” said Johnson.

The Hub is not the only East Lansing business that is getting into the spirit of Pride. The Starbucks on Lake Lansing Road decorated its café in all rainbow colors. 

“We’ve decorated the café we have so many different flags up,” said Lake Lansing Starbucks barista Angela Gjergji. “The Pride, the lesbian flag, the Bi-sexual flag, the trans Flag, The pan, the non-binary. We have all the flags up showing we are supporting everyone.”

For many East Lansing residents, showing Pride is important. Gjergji said it was important to her to make sure Starbucks was decorated.

“I think that showing Pride during Pride month shows that we support the community, especially with so many baristas including myself and beyond just baristas being part of the LGBTQ+ community, shows that we are together and a safe place,” said Gjergji.

Austin Hunt, an East Lansing resident and member of the LGBTQ+ community appreciates when a business shows its Pride.

“It shows where safe places are for people who are LQBTQ+,” Hunt said. “I probably would not support businesses that don’t support me.” 

Local businesses are not the only ones celebrating Pride. On June 25, there will be a pride celebration at 2 p.m. located on Albert Street in downtown East Lansing. The city welcomes anyone who wants to celebrate Pride and all this month has to bring.

“Pride is really important to me because I was in the closet for most of my life,” said Hunt. “I need to have Pride and show my Pride so that I can be a figure of representation of my community.” 

For more information on East Lansing Pride go to the Spartan co-op Instagram: @spartan.coop. 

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