Delta Crossings brings stores, people, traffic

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The second phase of the Delta Crossings project is almost completed. Construction began in November 2019. The project brought T.J. Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Sierra, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Texas Roadhouse and BJ’s Wholesale Club to the community in the past few months. At Home, a home décor store, and Olive Garden are set to join the community in the early fall.

The next phase includes a 369-unit multifamily residential area. This neighborhood will consist of many types of housing including townhouses and ranch-style homes.

Township Clerk Mary Clark said, “The housing portion of the project is also exciting because there is a demand for single-story, attached-garage rentals.”

The site plan for phase three has been submitted to the Township for review.

DeSantis said, “Interstate traffic, highway traffic, Walmart traffic, and complex traffic are all merging into a very small area.”

Clark said, “the project will bring new people into our community to shop, and this frequently positively splashes on existing businesses, so it is a win/win.  Additionally, they come to dine and then are attracted to the retail and vice versa.”

Although the project keeps moving forward, some residents have had issues with the traffic that the project has brought in.

Delta resident Stephanie DeSantis said, “The entrances to the complex were very poorly planned. The interstate traffic integrates into Saginaw Highway traffic right at the entrance.”

East Lansing resident Kathy Walsh said, “With a new development at Saginaw and Waverly and the new Delta Crossings area, the traffic is going to be horrendous. I certainly hope this has been thought through. West Saginaw is already a car-crash magnet.”

Some residents are also disappointed in the lack of variety in businesses joining the project.

DeSantis said, “the stores are nothing new or exciting to our area.”

The 200-acre project is set to be finished by 2026 with even more restaurants and retail stores predicted.

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