MSU commuter students cope with winter weather advisory 

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On Feb. 2, the East Lansing area experienced a winter weather advisory with up to 12 inches of snow predicted. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for Ingham, Jackson, Eaton, Calhoun and Clinton counties from early Wednesday morning until Thursday night.

This caused difficulty for many Michigan State University students attempting to reach in-person classes, especially those who commute or live off camous.

Sophomore Zoe Haden said she was nervous about the weather since she has a longer drive than most students, and hoped that the university would call it a snow day. 

“It usually takes me about 25 minutes to get to an in-person class so I usually leave about 30 minutes before class starts,” Haden said. “It takes longer if I have to clear off my car, too.” 

Haden said her Wednesday classes did end up getting canceled, however her Thursday morning class was still in-person. 

“The drive there took an extra 10 minutes, and I got stuck on my way home,” Haden said. 

Junior Kaamel Mathis said he was anxious about getting to class. He said that when he received the alert he was very concerned because he lives at home with his family and it takes him at least 30 minutes to get to campus. 

“I was at work and I started yelling. I was not happy, and my first thought was, ‘man how am I gonna get to class or get to work, even?’”

Kaamal Mathis

Mathis said his Wednesday classes also got moved online, and he was supposed to attend Thursday but decided to stay home. 

“I heard how bad the roads were and my car got stuck in the driveway under a foot of snow and ice, so I opted to stay home,” Mathis said.  

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