Intramural Basketball Returns to MSU

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Basketball is back, but it’s not what you think. Intramural basketball has been absent for nearly a year because of the pandemic.

“It’s great, we haven’t experienced it since freshman year,” said Andrew Vogel, an MSU Freshman. “I can’t imagine without it. It’s given us a great thing to look forward to.”

For the people behind the scenes at IM sports, they made sure to take a stepback for a clear shot this season.

“We live up to the university has set and we feel that we are going to be able to offer those programs a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students.” said Ross Winter, Intramural Sports Assistant Director.

Ross Winter, heads the winter intramural sports league. And he feels half is better than nothing

“Well actually this is about half of the size of our normal intramural basketball leagues in a non covid year let’s take that back to spring 2020 we had 300 teams play basketball this year we have 160.” Winter said.

Students come here for two reasons. They love to play… and it’s a welcome stress reliever from classes

“The general level of competing and trying to win games,” Vogel said. “You know you come here and play pick up basketball it’s fun, it’s a lot more serious you got refs, you got clocks and everything else.”

It doesn’t matter how many shots are missed here… it’s more about the shot at getting to know someone else… the connection with fellow students and the mental health that goes with all of it

“We want you and everyone who participates to enjoy themselves to develop a connection to campus and other students,” Winter said.

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