Let’s Say Cheese selfie museum welcomes the MSU community

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Selfie museums are a hot commodity that are popping all over Michigan.

Meridian Mall is home to Let’s Say Cheese, a selfie museum that opened up in April 2021 by co-founders Scott Moore and Deon Chisolm.

The entrepreneurs also own Ballzy Balls which is a entertainment spot in Meridian Mall as well. The two locations are only a few stores down from one another.

With both locations being in one spot, it makes an easier for Moore and Chisolm to handle business.

As selfie museums pop up all over, Moore believes that what makes their location unique is how often they switch out the stations.

The stations are also all DIY’d by Moore and Chisolm.

“We actually design the sets ourselves,” Moore said. “We get paint, we go through a lot of paint here. I travel to Salvation Army, Habitats of Humanity, Goodwills and I find props. If I get an idea for a room, I’ll put all those together and create a scene.” 

Tickets for the selfie museum are available here.

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