Eastpointe Community Schools Food Distribution Plan

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Eastpointe Community Schools are offering families a new Food Distribution Plan — new pick-up grab-and-go meals in partnership with AFSCME.

The district will distribute food using drive-thru or walk-up delivery. These options are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Breakfast and lunch will be available to all children 18 and younger, under 26 with special needs.

Eastpointe Community Schools

Figure 1: graph by Eastpointe community schools

As listed on the graph, ECS tries to provide a variety in its breakfast menu, all while keeping things healthy. Milk is an essential beverage throughout the week, along with an orange. However, other than those two items the schools keep things fresh and fun for students. 

The school district even allows families to inform school staff if their children are going to school face to face, virtual or not enrolled. Eastpointe Schools Executive Administrative Assistant Wendy Kohlmann said children who are sick should stay home.

Yvette Paradise, a mother of Eastpointe Community Elementary boys LJ and Dylan, said she uses resources through the school’s COVID response plan and has faith in the district. As a startup business owner, and Chrysler employee, she said the district’s plan is helpful.

“My kids go to school every day, but when they were virtual it went great. The kids were excited to see everybody on the tablets,” Paradise said.

In attending a board of education meeting, school leaders spoke about the importance of keeping students safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19. “If students aren’t feeling well, it’s really important to keep them all home until rapid test results,” Eastpointe Schools Superintendent Ryan McLeod said.

To protect Eastpointe Community Schools from COVID-19, face coverings are required for all staff, students in grades PreK-12 (as tolerated for young children), and visitors throughout the entire day on all Eastpointe School properties, according to their Preparedness and Response Plan.

“The kids must wear masks while in school, and I know they have their desk with safety supplies to protect the kids,” Paradise said

“We shorten the school day, students will not be eating lunch here … our school day in person is four hours, and then they go home for virtual learning for the rest of the day,” Kohlmann said.

Eastpointe guardians can now have pick-up grab-and-go meals for their children from any school location, even if their child attends a different building. Specifically, on Mondays and Wednesdays, the food distribution will include two days of grab-and-go meals. While on Fridays, three days of meals will be distributed. 

“The lunch pick-up is great for families that are not fortunate to eat without assistance, and many families in the community utilize it,” Paradise said.

The boxes that are offered include a featured recipe for French toast breakfast, as well as the top one burger toppings diagram for lunch. These two separate papers/PDFs create a suggested weekly menu for a full meal and snack organized by day. If students have any food allergies, they must fill out a Special Dietary Needs Form. 

Families pick up grab-and-go meals from any Eastpointe school location below:  

Figure 2: graph by eastpointe community schools.

• The parking lot door off Semrau Avenue and Saxony Avenue at the Eastpointe Early Learning Center, located at 23750 David Ave. 

• Crescentwood Elementary School, located at 14500 Crescentwood Ave 

• Forest Park Elementary School, located at 18361 Forest Ave. 

• In the parking lot by the cafeteria doors at Eastpointe Middle School, located at 24701 Kelly Road.

• Bellview Elementary School, located at 15800 Bell Ave.

• Door No. 4 off Couzens Avenue at Eastpointe High School, located at 15501 Couzens Ave.

• Pleasantview Elementary School, located at 16501 Toepfer Drive

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