Child tax credit payments help Detroit parents

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Mayor Mike Duggan announces the expansion of the Child Tax Credit. Credit: City of Detroit’s YouTube channel

Stephanie Perry from Detroit said she is grateful to receive the Child Tax Credit due to her circumstances during the pandemic and said that while the money will be helpful to her, but she’s doubtful that it will adequately aid people in less fortunate positions. 

“Due to coronavirus, I have not worked because I have an autoimmune disease and asthma,” said Perry, who has two children. “It is going to give me some relief to help with some of the household bills.” 

The Child Tax Credit will be distributed to parents or legal guardians of dependents who are under the age of 17 as of Dec. 31. The first half of the credit will be broken up into six monthly payments from July to December. The second half will be distributed after filing 2021 taxes. Payments began distributing as early as July 14.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan mentioned the importance of this credit during his announcement to the city.

“This, the White House says, will lift 20,000 children in Detroit out of poverty this year,” said Duggan. “We’ve never seen anything like this before, we’re probably never going to see anything like this again. But it’s why it’s so important to get it now.”

Erica Rogers, a single mother of three from Detroit, said the money may not be enough to support her household. 

“That’s not nearly enough. I mean, I guess it would help a little towards gas or whatever but my family personally? No,” said Rogers. 

Regardless of the amount, Rogers said she is grateful towards the money and has plans to save it until it’s time to use it. 

“I plan on doing car repairs and back to school shopping and things like that,” said Rogers. 

Brittany Renfroe, a mother two and pre-school teacher, has similar plans for her tax credit. 

“I got mine yesterday and I went grocery shopping,” said Renfroe, “I think that it will go towards something like, you know, a bill. Depending on what they need, it can go towards a couple of clothes.” 

Loletta Roland, a mother who will receive the Child Tax Credit, said she appreciates the timing of the money. 

“Their kids are going back to school in the fall, they can go ahead and start their kids school shopping with their uniforms and school supplies,” said Roland. “With the pandemic going on, those things have inflated prices.”

Roland said she is hopeful for the assistance that the money can bring to kids who have missed out this past year. 

“I think it helped a lot of low-income people who have multiple kids be able to get a little extra,” said Roland. “A lot of parents spend extra throughout the year to put their kids in extracurricular activities” 

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