The Dallas Stars’ arena opens for fans

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Texas was the first state to re-open to max capacity, allowing arenas like the American Airlines Center, home of The Dallas Stars,  to provide a safe fan experience. 

Game day procedures

Fans received an email, following their ticket purchase that laid out the requirements for entering the American Airlines Center.

The check-in email required fans to take precautions before arriving at the event.

An entry survey was the first step in the check-in process: All guests needed to complete the COVID screening before arriving at the arena.

“Definitely just glad that we are able to get back in the arena and watch the team live,” said Chris Reichert, a Dallas Stars fan. “The experience here has been fantastic, and I’m really glad that they allowed us back.”

Bags, cash and unmasked fans were not allowed to enter the building.

Upon arrival, volunteers looked for a green check on the screens, allowing fans to proceed to a contactless ticket scanner. 

“The Stars are doing a good job trying to keep us all safe by putting these rules in place,”said Rene Velazquez, a game-day volunteer.

During the game

Seats are taped off to maintain a safe distance between fans. Every other row and at least three seats between groups are blocked. 

Olivia Santelli

Groups of one to six are allowed to sit next to each other.

Masks were to be worn at all times unless actively eating or drinking in the guest’s designated seat. Concession sales looked different from a year ago. 

“It’s definitely changed, we all have to wear masks, the plexiglass is up to separate fans from volunteers, it’s card only, no cash being exchanged, and our items are no longer refillable,” said Velázquez.

Section ushers were walking the throug the aisles to ask those who were not following the rules to comply. If they didn’t, security came to escort the guests out of the building.

The fan experience

Distance between the crowds didn’t stop them from cheering loud and proud. 

“Even in a small crowd you can feel it more than just watching it on TV,” said Reichert.

Fans are happy to be back and don’t mind the restrictions. 

“To come in at limited capacity, it’s not quite the same, but it’s still super enjoyable just to be here and see the games again and to get back to a little sense of normalcy again,” said Terry Johnson, a Dallas Stars fan.

Tickets for future games can be purchased here.

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