Incoming and current freshmen at Michigan State University are eager for in-person classes

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On March 5, Michigan State University President Samuel L. Stanley announced in an email that 75% of undergraduate classes would be offered in-person for the fall of 2021. 

Stanley wrote, “Classes will be offered in multiple scenarios — in person, hybrid and some still online, especially those that would traditionally fill large lecture halls. We expect that routine mitigation testing and other public health policies will continue at some level in the fall, and all of us will need to adhere to these policies and engage in the actions and behaviors that have kept us safe and healthy.”

A survey was sent out to the classes of 2024 and 2025 official Facebook pages to get a better understanding of the types of classes and living arrangements incoming and current Spartans will be selecting. 

The survey received 39 responses, and most said students will be choosing courses taught in-person. 

The survey results in Figure 1 show 43% of students plan to choose in-person classes and 24% will choose majority in-person classes with some online classes. 

Figure 1 shows the type of classes incoming and current freshmen students will be scheduling for the Fall 2021 semester. Many will schedule in-person and majority in-person with some online classes.

Zoe Pozios, freshman at Michigan State said, she will try to find mostly in-person classes. As a STEM major, it is hard for Pozios to do online labs.

Zoe Pozios, freshman at Michigan State University, on her preference in class instruction mode.

Many Spartans say they feel excited and comfortable to go back to the classroom as long as the rules are followed regarding social distancing and wearing masks. 

Freshman Libby Gorsline said, “I think it gives you more of the college experience.”She said I think people get really tired of doing stuff online and it can be kind of draining just to stare at a computer screen all day. She said “it would be really cool” to be back on campus and in the classroom.

Some students said they think in-person classes will help them be more academically motivated and be more of an intellectual challenge for them.

Freshman Caroline Alexander said, “I prefer (in-person classes) because I feel like a lot of the online classes, they have to make it a little bit easier to compensate with the fact that they are online.”

When asked about living conditions at MSU, Figure 2 shows 83% of students plan to be will be living on campus next fall. 

Figure 2 shows that on-campus living remains a popular choice for incoming and current freshmen at MSU for Fall 2021.

Because of COVID-19, not all current freshmen were able to live on campus in 2020-2021, but according to the survey they want to live on campus next year to get the college experience and be able to meet new people. 

Emma Winden, a freshman, said, “I personally like being able to be emerged in the community that I’m part of. Also, just new friends and I think it will be a lot of fun.”

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