The Start of the East Lansing Winter Farmers Market

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In the heart of East Lansing, along M.A.C. Avenue, the “down” in downtown no longer just means going downtown, but going underground, inside the M.A.C parking garage.

Past the fields of empty spaces and random cars into a basement plowed over with the new East Lansing winter farmer’s market.

Part of the Daytime. Nighttime. Anytime. Place project, this new market, organized by manager Kayla-Forrest-Hewitt, aims to generate support in local businesses while still keeping people safe in following COVID-19 guidelines.

 “I would like for this to be an opportunity for them to meet with local vendors, local entrepreneurs and to get really good products,” Hewitt said

Products like hot sauce from the Grand Traverse Sauce Company, and vendor Bryan Zuzga says that the experience has been a unique one.

“It’s interesting,” said Zuzga. “I like it. It’s kind of got a different feel. I love the lights that they put together and the different seating areas and the vendors have been out here and the crowds have been great.” 

The farmers market will run every two weeks with the last day it’ll run being on May 9th.

Vendors and customers alike though think that an event like this could stick around for a while even after COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

“It gives something that you can look forward too, bring your family out and just be a part of the community, no matter what the season is,” said customer Ashely Dempsey.

“This might have just been testing the water for the first time but I think once this picks up It’ll be a really popular event,” said vendor Heather Parkinson.  

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