Michigan State Police Department Readies to Welcome New Chief

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Inside the Michigan State police station lies a maze of rooms and hallways that will soon be home to incoming MSU police chief Marlon C. Lynch.

“Definitely looking forward to being the vice president of public safety and chief of police at MSU,” Lynch said.

A former spartan, Lynch will be focusing on connecting with the students and the greater community from the start of his tenure.

“I plan on conducting a listening tour when I arrive and to meet with students, student leadership, colleagues, faculty and staff, as well as the East Lansing community.” 

Chris Rozman, the departments Public Information Officer, believes Lynch’s arrival will provide stability in leadership as well as enhancing their ongoing efforts.

“We’re looking forward to his insight and his experience and what he can bring to our department to further enhance the efforts that we’ve already started,” Rozman said.

Before he takes the position, Lynch may have to answer questions regarding his salary, which is reported to be $299,000.

According to salary.com, the average salary for a police chief in the state of Michigan is $110,185.

Lynch’s salary is nearly a 200% increase from that median figure.

“I believe that the salary goes along to be compatible with the structure level of being the vice president combined with the chief of police role,” said Lynch.

Regardless of any potential controversy, Lynch is looking forward to returning to his old stomping grounds and leading the charge into the future for MSU’s police department.

“To have the opportunity to come back in this capacity, to definitely make a difference and have a significant impact on the community there, specifically in regards to safety, means a lot,” said Lynch.

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