Safety comes first as IM West reopens

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Students on campus are finally able to get back in the gym. IM West reopened its Fitness Center last week for the first time since closing in March to slow the spread of COVID-19. In order to ensure the safety of students and employees, there are some precautions taking place to prevent a coronavirus outbreak. 

“We’re abiding by all the mask wearing, and the six-foot distance, we have all the equipment spaced out properly” said Jody Strank, Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services.

Sophomore Connor Kempisty says that he’s not worried about catching the coronavirus at IM West, and that any risk would be worth it. He’s just glad to be back in the gym.

“I tried lifting in my gym at home, and that just wasn’t cutting it,” said Kempisty. “When IM West finally reopened back at school, it was so much better.”

According to Strank, IM West is is seeing an average of 100 students throughout the day, with 71 students being allowed in the fitness center at one time. However, with more students arriving next semester, they might need more space.

“They are going to bring 2500 more students on campus in the res halls so there’s gonna be more of a need for recreative space, say over at IM East,” said Strank.

Covid cases are increasing in Michigan, so keeping both facilities open will require caution and cooperation. Strank urges students to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing over Thanksgiving and winter break.

“If we come back and there’s a high covid rate in East Lansing then they will not approve us to open,” said Strank.

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