Young voters critical of election process

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The President has been decided, but young voters are still talking about the presidential election.


“They should have known coming into this election the mail in ballots would be a lot more popular due to COVID-19,” said Aaron Ross, a Michigan State University student. “We should have been prepared and ready to receive and count each ballot properly and ensure everything is correct on time.” 

A ballot drop box location in Commerce Township. One of the many drop box locations in Oakland County that can be dropped in. Credit: Lance Limbo

Oakland University student Ethan Talampas agrees.

“There needs to be a system that can handle a rapid but accurate counting of votes,” Talampas said. “They should’ve anticipated the onslaught of voters.” 

Importance of voting

“This election sparks many reasons why people need to vote” said Kyle McCarthy, a Waterford Township resident. 

“By not voting, you forfeit your say in what rights you have,” said McCarthy,. “Not voting is your right, but if your rights are taken away because you chose not to vote, you cannot complain.”

An “I Voted” sticker  made for this year’s Election Day. Credit: Lance Limbo

The country is in for a big change due to the results.

“This is an important election because there’s a lot at stake,” Talampas said. “It will determine leadership in the next four years which can bring about possible changes in healthcare, economy and even religious freedom.”

The youth vote

The youth vote turnout reached over 7 million with ages 18-29 voting early or absentee ballots.

“They play a strong role, and every election the youth electorate grows larger,” McCarthy said. “I am not sure of the effect they’ve had on the election yet, but it seems the majority of the youth electorate is generally more on the progressive side.” 

 This Election Day brought out an amazing turnout in the young voter demographic, according to Tufts University CIRCLE it was much higher for the youth in 2020 compared to 2016. 

“Seeing the huge turnout of youth voters made me feel proud about the future,” Ross said.  

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