Peak Performance Physical Therapy opens in Mason

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On the corner of Columbia and Cedar Street in Mason, a group of therapists is ready to help people suffering from pain. While many businesses remain closed, Peak Performance Physical Therapy opened its new location in the Mason area.

Bottles of hand sanitizer

Chiehyi Tsui

Hand sanitizers on the front desk for patients at clinic.

“It’s different, but there are people out there who need help, so that is kind of our thoughts for opening now,” said therapist Megan Brew. This clinic was planned to open in the summer but pushed back to this month because of the COVID-19.

Patients with joints pain, walking disabilities, or balance issues will be welcome at the clinic. Brew’s job is to help them get back to normal functioning so they can be healthy in their everyday lives.

Another Therapist Tiff Rowe Stutzman said, “We offer specialties in pediatrics, dry needling, pelvic floor therapy, sports injuries, and post surgical rehab.”

During this pandemic, the clinic shows it cares about safe precautions, such as extra sanitizing and taking temperature of everyone who comes to the clinic.

Stutzman said, “We have our staff and patients wear masks, and socially distance everyone to ensure safety.”

Brew said, “We are sanitizing before and after every patient, and we do whole deep clean of the facility a couple of times a day.”

As COVID-19 cases increase again, people feel unsafe to leave their houses, but they still opening video-based therapy online.

“There are some barriers there with people who don’t have access to technology. We are trying to get to everybody who needs it,” said Brew.

This is a hard time for everybody. Therapists are rewarded by helping people feel better. Patients can walk up and downstairs at their houses again and return to their daily lives with less pain.

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