Over 700 people lose MSU on-campus jobs

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During a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis, Michigan State University furloughed over 700 people who worked on-campus. 

Jack Wheatley is a member of th eJames Madison College’s Student Senate. He thought it was wrong that MSU allowed so many students to lose their jobs.

“I think that it’s an egregious thing, I think that Michigan State has done something heinous, and has done something extremely disrespectful,” Wheatley said.

Wheatley also said that he felt the health and livelihoods of the furloughed workers was put at risk.

Spartan athlete Alaias Bertrand was one of the students who lost her job. Before bringing furloughed, she worked with BTN Student U.

She thinks that Michigan State should be offering more resources to students who are struggling financially right now.

For her, the biggest battle has been a mental one.

“A lot of people are probably emotionally and physically drained from this year, and I think a lot of people are going through it,” Bertrand said.

To stay grounded while battling stress and anxiety, Alaias started a YouTube channel to stay positive without pay.

The motivation comes from Bertrand’s desire to help others.

“Why would I not want to share this love with every single person that I know? I don’t think we’re supposed to go about our days not serving people.”

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