MSUvote extends advice, help to student voters

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Remember to take action in your civic duty by registering to vote and voting either in person or with a mail-in ballot

MSUvote’s foundation is built on reaching out to student voters and getting them to perform in their civic duty.

MSUvote is a nonpartisan group that tells students that their vote counts and is important and that voting is a great way to have your voice heard and make an impact.

Co-chair of the MSU vote coalition Renee Brown reaches out to the student voters, even if most on-campus classes are down. Brown said that the main focus is to get as many people as possible to register to vote. 

“Registration, Education, Participation,” said Brown. “The whole focus is that the students have the information that they need.” 

Brown described efforts to get the message across that students should register and vote. She said they have been offering online webinars with Michigan’s Secretary of State, Tom Izzo, and even reached out to fraternities and sororities to get their message across.

Brown also oversees the MSUvote website, a partnership with the City of East Lansing Clerk’s Office. This website is where Marissa Pletcher does most of her work. Pletcher is the lead student coordinator of peer voting information. 

Pletcher said, “I work with a team of students that run the online chat function, create resource guides to answer questions, and promote the use of the online chat.” 

Pletcher said the main goal of the online chat is to give students a channel to talk with other students about voting. 

Pletcher said, “A lot of the resource guides deal with how to vote in these uncertain times, how to apply for and use absentee ballots, how to vote safely, making sure people know their state-specific deadlines for mail-in.”

Spartan Abbey Fagan, said that she would be voting this year. She said, “It’s your civil duty. You should be grateful that you can vote. Some countries and people don’t have the opportunity to vote.”

Fagan said she hadn’t heard of MSUvote before but says it sounds like a great program. She said that she loves the idea of expressing how important it is to get out there and vote especially in uncertain times like these. 

She said, “If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain about what takes place afterwards.” 

Renee Brown said there will be in-person voting taking place this year in Michigan and there will be voting on campus. She also added that this year is different because you can register to vote all the way up until the day that you decided to vote.

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