Michigan State utilizes Kellogg Center for student isolation

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In a typical school year, Michigan State students would be on campus, with some living in the dorms.

“The 27 residence halls across the Michigan State University’s campus. It’s one of the largest on-campus housing systems in the nation,” Kat Cooper, RHS Chief Communications Officer said.

Michigan State housing went from 14,500 students, to under 2,000 living in the residence halls.

“A significant decrease compared to our typical year. It would cost the university a lot of money to outfit Akers Hall to be more like a hotel,” Cooper said.

While Akers Hall was previously a place that was going to be for student isolation, it has now moved to another destination, better fitted for students. That place is hotel and conference center: the Kellogg. 

“Kellogg was really positioned to immediately handle that need,” Bradley Benton, Kellogg Rooms Division Manager said.

There’s a need, to stop the spread.

“We found that when we’re able to have students have their own room, and most of them have their own bathroom, there’s no one on the other side of the suite from  them, we really could let them quarantine and isolate in place,” Bethany Balks, Assistant Director of Communications for RHS said.

Students can isolate in place with resources provided like the RHS COVID-19 hotline, and Kellogg supplying a few essentials.

“Just some basic things to make sure they’re set and comfortable in their room. Here at Kellogg, just those things to limit interation and make sure they’re well supplied throughout their stay,” Benton said.

“It’s important that in these times of crisis, we use the resources of the university,” Cooper said.

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