Gyms strive for safety as they reopen

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Managers at Powerhouse Gym have been waiting a long time to reopen, since the shut down of gyms on March 16.

Steve Zavori, Powerhouse general manager said, “Every other week we’re getting ready to gear up and open up the gym and it just felt like a bad dream we would never wake up from.”

Now that gyms have reopened on Sept. 9, members are taking additional steps to stay safe.

“They require a mask. There’s signs everywhere telling us to wipe down everything after you use it, which I do, and hopefully everyone else does to keep us safe,” Jake Justice, a senior at Michigan State said.

Gyms now have sanitation within sight every turn, and everyone is doing their part to keep the gyms open.

“The members are respectful of the club and following regulations because they don’t want to see the gyms get shut down again,” Zavori said.

Due to Covid-19, the importance of mental and physical health has also increased, in turn, increasing the importance of gyms.

Fred Mussehl, Cambridge Fitness director of operations said, “We waited a very long time here. We were one of the last states to open. People are just, every day, every day I’m behind that counter, we’re getting thank you’s for being open, thank you’s for not shutting down, thank you for being so clean; people are just excited to be back.”