Businesses in Meridian Township prep for upcoming MSU football season

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Businesses of Meridian Township

Credit: Joe Hicks

Restaurants and stores on Grand River Avenue are prepping for MSU’s football games as they expect increased foot traffic.

Businesses in Meridian Township are taking extra health precautions in response to the upcoming MSU football season that will begin with its home opener against Rutgers.

 Around the World Shop’s plan

Around the World Shop, a place where you can find handmade decorations, hacky sacks, etc. will only allow 20 customers in at a time to maintain proper social distancing and keep everyone safe, said Casey Mellinger, the owner of the store.

“We did just recently open our doors in Meridian Mall as well, so we really want to make sure everything is running smoothly and safely, especially with football starting and more potential customers coming in,” Mellinger said.

Chipotle in Okemos plan

Bronwen Overley, who is the store manager at the Chipotle in Okemos, said that the whole restaurant is sanitized before the doors open every day. Overley also plans to drastically reduce seating and overall occupancy in the building.

“Every morning, we as a staff sanitize everything for a new day, to make sure COVID stays out,” Overley said. “And with football starting up we’ve up everything we do so now all my employees consistently wash their hands throughout every day on the hour and whenever they leave their position to do something else.” 

Overley said that the Chipotle in Okemos has been working since day one to keep everything clean for their customers and staff so that everyone can feel a “sense of security.”

The restaurant is also offering special deals and an online-only order option to limit how many customers are entering the space, Overley said. 

“We’ve also been doing a by one get one free burrito, for online mostly we do accept dine-in but we are urging our customers to use our app and order online to help minimize gathering in person, and this deal is going on in response to COVID to try and give back to the customers and to help keep them safe,” Overley said. 

Chick-fil-A’s plan 

Tray Haynes, the store manager of a Chick-fil-A in Okemos, said he plans to keep the restaurant’s dining room closed throughout the football season and likely throughout the year.

“Our team has been working hard to keep everyone and everything safe and clean, and we will continue that hard work through the football season and on,” Haynes said. 

Haynes said, “we usually see a fair amount of people coming for the football season, but with COVID-19 we will have to see if that number is smaller, we assume it might be, but we will still be acting like we do every football season just to be sure because it better to be prepaid.”

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